Well this is ironic, but no fun

Trainer: It's what's for dinner!

Trainer eaten by killer whale Shamu during “Dine with Shamu” exhibition at Sea World.


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13 responses to “Well this is ironic, but no fun

  1. Walt

    Dude Man –
    This is really tragic, but what do folks expect? A killer whale finally lived up to expectations, and folks are surprised? And it ate some tuna, which is what they do.
    So it’s tragic, but expected. So now they will snuff the whale, right? For doing what comes naturally. The equivilant of that is I should get to snuff “Real Estate Professionals” who screw their clients. The whale and the real estate “professionals” can’t help themselves. So if they snuff the whale, Dude, stay indoors.

    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      I always figured that there was some reason they called them”killer whales”, but could never quite grasp why.

  2. Anonymous

    Please calm down, Walt.

    This whale will get off just as easily as Jayson Williams, thanks to their PETA defenders.

  3. Priapus

    “In 1999, the dead body of a naked man was found lying across Tilikum’s back at SeaWorld Orlando.”

    Dude from Ohio?

  4. bk

    reading is fundamental: killer whale, its a dead give away

  5. Island Surveyor

    Tilikum, the largest killer whale at any SeaWorld park, has been involved in two previous deaths.

    He was one of three killer whales blamed for the 1991 drowning of a trainer while he performed at the now-defunct Sealand of the Pacific in British Columbia.

    Tompkins said Tilikum would not be put down because of the attacks. His name, according to various sources, means “you-taste-good,” “burp” or “thanks-for-dinner” in Chinook jargon.

  6. My 6 year old daughter put it candidly after I directed her attention to the story on the am news.

    “don’t blame him, it’s what he do’s, it’s in he’s name”.

  7. Fake Walt

    I couldn’t believe it when they aired a Sea world commercial immediately after reporting this story on last night’s evening news.

    Off to St. Moritz

    Kind regards,

    Fake Walt

  8. Peg

    Duff – the six year olds can figure it out. Wonder why our brains seem to malfunction when we turn 38?

  9. Old Coot

    Trainer…the other white meat.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Personally, I think it is simply wrong to keep magnificent animals like these, who were meant to roam OCEANS – remember, OCEANS! – in a little pen. It would be like asking a person to live in a space the size of a closet day after day. No wonder Tillicum just lost it…

  11. VV

    people live in closets in NYC

  12. pulled up in OG

    Even sharks got iPhones now!

    “The Australians have now got a system where they put tags on Great White sharks and they have receivers on the beaches so when a great white comes into the bay the receiver automatically makes a cell phone call and tells the guy in charge to close the beach.”