If this is the best you can say about a house…

526 Indian Field Road

Then say nothing at all. Open house today for 526 Indian Field Road, on the market since 2008 and still priced at $9.5 million. Note on open house sheet promises “Wood floors throughout”.

Speaking just for myself, I expect wooden floors in any house priced over, say, $7 million.


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12 responses to “If this is the best you can say about a house…

  1. Peg

    Indoor plumbing? A/C? Attached garage?

    Just checking…..

  2. bk


  3. bc

    Maybe slate or marble as well.

  4. “Wooden floors throughout”

    As opposed to what, plywood, linoleum, vinyl?

  5. Old Coot

    Maybe some of those peel ‘n stick 12″X12″ linoleum tiles from Walmart? They do come in a simulated wood grain and can also be used on walls if you prefer paneling.

  6. Stanwich

    Was originally listed at $11.5m. Take a look at this cheezy segment by the realtor. The house is not that impressive at all for this price. Really small master bedroom, very basic interior with very little interior detail to justify the price tag. Just look at that flat, beige stone fireplace…it looks like a podium for an oversized flatscreen. This place would still be overpriced if it had direct waterfront access but it doesn’t.


    • christopherfountain

      I’ll admit, Stan, that when I viewed it a couple of years ago I didn’t “get it”. And I still don’t, $2 million later.

  7. Austion Powers

    I prefer shag carpets myself

  8. Anonymous

    Listing broker says the floors are Brazilian Cherry – Am I missing something? The owners (Brits) have never lived in the house. Built it and then left. Has been rented. The neighbors must be really upset to have such an ugly house built next door. What a waste!

  9. floorman

    the floors are actually 5″ american cherry on the first and second floors, and peruvian walnut in the basement. the kitchen has an 1″ thick end grain fir floor. The reason it says wood floors through out is because we just installed new floors in all the bedrooms. The existing floors were all refinished.

  10. pulled up in OG

    Nice touch! The maid’s gonna feel right at home in the basement.