Say goodbye to Paterson, hello to Andy Cuomo

New York’s Governor Paterson is a dead man walking.

UPDATE: He’s giving up the run for reelection but as of 7:45, “I’m not resigning” . Gone in 60 seconds.


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5 responses to “Say goodbye to Paterson, hello to Andy Cuomo

  1. AJ

    You just figured that out?

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a shame – Patterson is actually a stand-up guy…no BS, whereas Cuomo is typical slippery politician. NYT will try and bury Patterson so their guy wins.

  3. Mazama

    I’m guessing Patterson was blindsided by the whole thing…

  4. I grew up in Greenwich but have been a New Yorker for about 30 years. I wouldn’t really call Patterson a stand up guy. As a state senator he was a typical sock puppet for the unions and other recipients of state largess. He was also a notorious party animal who wore his marriage vows lightly, shall we say.

    To his credit, as governor, he has realized that you have to stop giving away the store when it’s your name that will go down in infamy if it goes bankrupt on your watch. To punish him for that, the democrats have anointed Cuomo for the job, and since Patterson isn’t going quietly, he has to be whacked. The NYT is doing the whacking, but others will join in shortly.

  5. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Mazama, +1

    Richard, great analysis.