Shocker: Charlie Rangel is a crook

Fat Fuck

Ethics panel finds that his trip to St. Maartin’s  was improper. What about his unpaid taxes, his four -apartment spread in NYC, etc., etc.? No word. But he’ll be busy crafting our tax laws to ensure that we all pay our share.


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4 responses to “Shocker: Charlie Rangel is a crook

  1. Anonymous

    The brevity of this article is striking to me given the gallons of ink that the NY Times has lately been pouring into its Gov. Paterson stories.

  2. Old School Grump

    Hey, I’m a democrat, but I am deeply, deeply ashamed that Rangel hasn’t been given the heave-ho (although, as your photo reveals, the heave-ho would require some heavy equipment). All I can figure is that he must have compromising photos of key fellow Congresspersons doin’ sumptin’ nasty… perhaps at his rent-controlled compound in Manhattan? or his villa in the DR? or on this junket to St Maartens? Either that or the race card, although Rep William Jefferson, from Ninety-Thousand-Dollars-In-the-Freezer, Louisiana, couldn’t stick the landing on that one. Any hope Rangel will have a plausible opponent this year?

  3. boredatwork

    Grump, I was thinking the same thing – he has photos of Pelosi doing something we’d all rather not think about.

  4. KC

    I sometimes wonder if many people are paying attention but, in Rangel’s case, I think they are. I don’t think that the political powers realize how truly disillusioning this is for the great unwashed. It goes on and on and more comes out but nothing significant seems to happen. If everyone has the right to answer charges, let him answer them. Ask him to defend himself. Do what’s appropriate but do something. At least they should look like they care.