No storm in sheltered Riverside but …

The New England coast is getting slammed – 91 mph gust in New Hampshire. I haven’t checked yet but I’d guess Nantucket’s going to lose some more beach. UPDATE: the forecast yesterday predicted `15 to 20 foot waves on the island. Bummer.


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5 responses to “No storm in sheltered Riverside but …

  1. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    “In Newark, N.J., Rosa Cabrera waited 20 minutes for a bus that never came, then took off on foot to her job at a factory. Cabrera said her usual 10-minute bus ride was at least a half-hour walk, on a clear day.

    “We thought we were used to the winters here,” the Ecuador native said in Spanish, “but this is just too much.”

    Wow, gotta admire her for that. Wonder if the factory was open when she got there?

  2. Anonymous

    Breaking News – Greenwich Post

    As snow continues to blanket Greenwich, Emergency Operations Coordinator Daniel Warzoha told the Post Friday that his main concern right now is expected strong winds this afternoon..

    TOLD YA!

  3. pulled up in OG

    Oops . . . cancel that, just scrolled down to your item on this. : )