Getting nervous on Pennsylvania Avenue?

Shock, confusion as birth certificates are invalidated.


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4 responses to “Getting nervous on Pennsylvania Avenue?

  1. cos cobber

    off topic: the disturbing legislation to create a sovereign state within Hawaii for “natives” moves closer to reality. i hope the republicans can filibuster this to death. the turf of Hawaii is already too far integrated to revert to the tribal lands like we have on the continent.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    “As much as 40 percent of the identity fraud in the U.S. involves birth certificates from Puerto Rico, McClintock said he was told by the State Department.

    ”It’s a problem that’s been growing and as the need in the black market for birth certificates with Hispanic-sounding names grew, the black market value of Puerto Rican birth certificates has gone into the $5,000 to $10,000 range,” McClintock said.”

    Typical example of how innocent people are punished for the acts of criminals. And that’s what happens when laws are not enforced and people are rewarded for breaking the law.

    Wotta mess. This oughta keep Luis Gutierrez busy for a while. What a completely idiotic solution to the problem. Does this mean every US citizen with a “Hispanic-sounding” surname will have their birth certificate voided?

  3. Anonymous

    In sealing his long-form birth certificate, Barry isn’t trying to hide the place of his birth. Barry is hiding his true and/or uncertain paternity. Barry’s mom Stanley Ann Dunham was a complete slut with certain well established tastes. Her porn pics from the 1960s survive to this day.

    Just for fun, google a pic of Malcolm X.

  4. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    LOL, anony, does this mean all US citizens will have their birth certificates voided?

    That said, the same problem exists with Social Security numbers for all citizens of the US. Imagine the panic when those puppies get voided.