IOC recovers its senses

Celebration on ice

Canadian Girls hockey celebration is forgotten, quite rightly.

Vancouver organizing chief John Furlong said it was simply a matter of “young kids who were happy.”

“They had a great time,” Furlong said. “They let their hair down. Yes, they said they were sorry, but they’re great ambassadors for hockey, and they shouldn’t regret what they did for a moment.”

Well over an hour after the Canadians beat the Americans 2-0 on Thursday and were given their gold medals, 14 players returned to the ice still in their uniforms. Some wore wacky sunglasses and smoked cigars, while almost all were drinking beer or champagne.

As a third-string athlete growing up, I am awed by kids who have the skill and drive to reach Olympian level, regardless of whether they get a medal. They’re amazing, all of them, and if a team  scores a gold medal after years of training and hard work and wants to cut loose, God bless them.


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6 responses to “IOC recovers its senses

  1. The Duke of Deception


  2. Priapus

    It’d be good to be their boyfriend that night too…rock on!

    • christopherfountain

      I just think the Olympics should be pure celebration – I feel for the “losers” who don’t medal but I hope, as they grow older, they’ll realize the miracle they enjoyed. I don’t have their competitive drive, so I suppose I can’t understand the depth of their disappointment, but from the sidelines, I think, “Jesus, you’re there – top of the world!”. And my prayer for them is that they’ll appreciate that later in their lives, rather than regret the loss of a medal.
      As for those Canadian girls, rock on indeed!

  3. not so anonymous

    I heard a well known radio guy kavetching about the Olympics and I had to shake my head. They are wonderful and CF is exactly right

  4. greenmtnpunter

    Dittos! Ice hockey is not merely the Canadians national sport, it is their national religion. The Canadian babes have put a lotta pressure on the Canadian men’s team in today’s Gold Medal showdown with the USA. We have the match up we’ve all been hoping for.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    All the athletes are having fun. As a matter of fact, they ran out of condoms (10,000 count) in Olympic Village.