Of course, a tsunami that washes away Hawaii wouldn’t be entirely tragic

Is anyone else following this story? I wrote about it a year or so ago, but it’s back with a vengeance: Hawaii’s about to spawn a separate state based on race, courtesy of House Democrats.

As farewell presents go, few lawmakers get to redistribute an entire state’s wealth based on race. That was the send-off for Representative Neil Abercrombie, who is retiring this week to run for Governor of Hawaii. For his campaign literature, he’ll take the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, which was whooped through the House on Tuesday 245-164.

The bill would create a sovereign tribal entity made up of some 400,000 Hawaiians. Supposedly designed to mimic the legal structure created for Native Americans, the bill breaks new ground—requiring the federal government to create a tribe based on a loosely defined racial identification. Not yet scheduled for a vote in the Senate, the bill may face opposition from Republicans, including a filibuster. South Carolina’s Jim DeMint says he’ll use “all the tools possible” to prevent the bill from becoming law, and we hope he does.

This wasn’t the law’s first trip around the Hill, though it was the most outrageous. The version passed Tuesday includes last-minute changes by Mr. Abercrombie to evade normal legislative vetting. In a letter to House leaders, five members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights expressed their “profound disappointment” at a bill that was “negotiated behind closed doors” and “released less than 48 hours prior to the expected House vote.”

And no wonder. While land transfers will still need to be negotiated with the state, the bill could affect public land covering 38% of Hawaii. The new tribe would be immediately vested with such “inherent powers” as sovereign immunity, the right to regulate its members and to be released from various state taxes and regulations. That’s a departure from the original plan, which required consultation with the state government and Congress on tribal powers.

The changes are so egregious that even Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, who had been an ardent supporter, withdrew her approval. “This structure will, in my opinion, promote divisiveness and litigation, rather than negotiation and resolution,” Governor Lingle wrote.

We’re committing national and cultural suicide and no one seems to care.


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12 responses to “Of course, a tsunami that washes away Hawaii wouldn’t be entirely tragic

  1. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Why bother? Just cut ’em loose.

  2. Anonymous

    Chris, just so you know, Jim Himes — your congressman you love to rag on — was one of a handful of Democrats to vote against this. Wouldn’t hurt to call out some of his good votes in addition to all the ragging you do.

  3. cos cobber

    didnt i send this to you earlier today? it does indeed represent a significant step towards national suicide. after the “natives” of hawaii get their mini-state, who’s next?

    its appalling that this legislation could be passed without significant national debate.

    a race based state and not one based on real estate?
    isnt there a constitutionality angle that could be pursued?

  4. christopherfountain

    Well good for Jimbo, Anon. In fact, I have taken note of a couple of votes he’s made that I agree with but in truth, we’re just of opposite opinions. He certainly doesn’t need my approval – he’s obviously a smart guy and can think for himself – but I think we just fundamentally disagree on basic issues. Nothing wrong with that, and I’m willing to concede that he could be right, while I’m wrong on these things. I don’t think I am, but how would I know? Anyway, I have nothing against Mr. Himes other than philosophical differences – he seems to be an entirely ethical, upstanding guy.

  5. Anonymous

    From the last paragraph of the linked WSJ article: “President Obama has said he’ll sign the bill if it gets to his desk, but the Supreme Court has already rejected attempts to hold elections based on race.”

    Gee what a shocker, Barry would sign a bill for racist re-distribution. The guy is just a first class turd.

  6. Greenwich Ex-Pat: It’s global warming. Danny Glover said so, and third rate celebrity has beens are always right about this stuff.


  7. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    “who’s next?”

    I think the reconquista movement is a pretty sure bet.

  8. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Richard, maybe it’s those strange rites Danny and the boyz have been practicing at Bohemian Grove. If he’s so worried about global warming, how come he doesn’t defend those old redwoods they’re so fond of chopping down?

  9. Priapus

    Maybe an old birth certificate will wash up…or wash away…

  10. GWChase

    One more “tribe” who want to get into the casino game. If it generates more revenue for the islands from all of the tourists, how can it be bad?

  11. cos cobber

    GWChase, if they want a casino then i suggest they designate a portion of the islands to be native lands like we have done on the mainland and then build the casinos on the native land. Hawaii has instead opted for an overlapping country based not on physical real estate but on race. In effect, there will be two countries running not side by side, but over lapping on the very same soil with the deciding factor not location but strictly ethnicity. Hmmm.