Sheesh, this could solve the Social Security mess, I suppose

NYT: New wave of anti-biotic-resistent germs invades hospitals.And they have no drug to stop it. My advice: stay out of hospitals.

The germ is one of a category of bacteria that by some estimates are already killing tens of thousands of hospital patients each year. While the organisms do not receive as much attention as the one known as MRSA — for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — some infectious-disease specialists say they could emerge as a bigger threat.

That is because there are several drugs, including some approved in the last few years, that can treat MRSA. But for a combination of business reasons and scientific challenges, the pharmaceuticals industry is pursuing very few drugs for Acinetobacter and other organisms of its type, known as Gram-negative bacteria. Meanwhile, the germs are evolving and becoming ever more immune to existing antibiotics.

“In many respects it’s far worse than MRSA,” said Dr. Louis B. Rice, an infectious-disease specialist at the Louis Stokes Cleveland V.A. Medical Center and at Case Western Reserve University. “There are strains out there, and they are becoming more and more common, that are resistant to virtually every antibiotic we have”.

Funny (ha ha) – NBC devoted 11 minutes to the Toyota throttle issue earlier this week and of course we were all treated to the spectacle of Congressional hearing on the matter, yet these buggers are killing tens of thousands of  people a year. Not sexy enough for prime time, I suppose.


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4 responses to “Sheesh, this could solve the Social Security mess, I suppose

  1. out looking in

    totally different topic- sending u a link- may be too much for average reader, but excellent explanation for what is going on right now in fx (Foreign eXchange) land….
    scroll down to last header: “The US and Inflationism”

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    It’ll make it to prime time now, fear and panic are always sexy and rarely does the media waste an opportunity to spread a little chaos. Unless, of course, it would squelch some agenda. And of course, we musn’t prevent the doctors from handing out anti-biotics like candy at the first sign of a sniffle.

    From the article, it would seem that, unlike MRSA, this super-bug is originating overseas, but it’s hard to tell.

    I also note a potential protocol here: give the patients the more risky anti-biotics, then withdraw them just before the kidney damage takes place and some seem to recover. Weird. Kind of like playing chicken.

  3. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    This article by Paul Craig Roberts, who was Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan, sheds some light on the Social Security issue. Now, I’m aware that Counterpunch is considered a lefty publication. Bear in mind that the same article is also published on a couple of very conservative (even hard-right) pubs as well. I just think it is a good article and Roberts brings a good perspective to the issue, in light of his experience with Reagan.

  4. Know it all

    Are you out there? I want to ask you something.