The law professor masquerading as our President doesn’t understand car insurance

Hmm. I wonder if there’s anything else that’s eluded his wisdom too?


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7 responses to “The law professor masquerading as our President doesn’t understand car insurance

  1. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Was that second image meant to show a little surreptitious nose-picking? Eh, means he’s only human after all.

  2. KT

    He is a total embarassment. A law professor doesn’t understand the difference between 1st party and 3rd party damages. This just shows the ignorance of the left comparing a government controlled health care program to the minimum statutory liability requirements of the individual state’s motor vehicle registration process. The liability requirements are not for the owners of the vehicles but for the other people who would be injured or their property damaged in the event of an accident.
    The argument of the left saying that you have to buy auto insurance is extremly stupid as you don’t, you don’t have to drive, just as the state issued drivers license is a privledge not a right. But if you do own a vehicle the states don’t trust you to pay for 3rd party damages, so the liability requirements are mandated ( in most states) in order to register a vehicle. Although, the requirements are extremely low and antiquated.

    Somewhat interesting that the policy he says he purchased (don’t believe a word from his mouth, ever) from Acme Ins Co of IL didn’t cover anything as most of the policies issued from the two major direct writers from IL have min limits.

    Pelosi looked scared on ABC this morning.

  3. Anonymous

    BTW, from what I can tell it’s not obvious he ever taught a class. First two years he was there just to write a book, later it’s listed he was a “Senior lecturer”. Not sure what that means….

  4. Anonymous

    Affirmative education community organizer: why is anyone surprised???

    Gulfstream commies like Jamie and Warren are just sheepish to admit that an affirmative action clown duped ’em…

  5. KC

    If he didn’t read his policy or call his agent to ascertain what he bought, that really is a story worth knowing. I really hope that he was just trying to tell a folksy story or something. I don’t think it’s unusual to explain insurance to your child when he or she starts driving.

  6. greenwich goldie

    I understand he was trying to link his point to health insurance but he lost me when he ignorantly did not (and still does not) understand his car insurance or any type of insurance. No wonder his heart bleeds for those who do not “understand” their mortgages/credit card bills (oh, was I supposed to pay it back, I thought I had a choice, those sneaky banks giving me credit…).

    Also, does Obama think for a moment that government sponsored health insurance will not come with restrictions??? Visit the UK – any worthy md does not accept government sponsored health care insurance. National healthcare is not only worse coverage than the minimum required car insurance he was describing, it is also going to cost tax payers way more than ACME charges.

  7. Arouet

    We mandate that taxpayers/emergency rooms provide care. Why not mandate that patients buy insurance? If there is a mandate on the supplier, what is so unfair about a mandate on the consumer?