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Perry wins third term in Texas

Well, renomination anyway. Should be a shoo-in. A good solid fiscal conservative vs. Kay  Bailey Hutchinson and Debra Medina, who seemed to be on a wave until she revealed herself to be  a “Truther”. Next.


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No mail on Saturdays?

So who still gets mail, and who cares?


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We’re not number one, but top ten’s pretty good

Connecticut in the running as state most likely to default on its debt.

(hat tip, Shoeless)


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This has got to be a Greenwich best seller

$1,275 for two bicycle wheels. Not an actual bicycle, mind you, but a darn good start on one. Gentlemen, start y0ur engines!


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Charlie Rangel being given the heave ho?

So says Politico. Fine with me, and long overdue.

Charlie Rangel emerged from a closed-door meeting in Nancy Pelosi’s office Tuesday night to declare that he’s still the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and hasn’t agreed to give up his gavel – even as some media outlets were reporting that he’d done just that.

But asked whether he’d still be the chairman tomorrow and in the coming days, Rangel said: “I can’t make all those promises at my age.”

And when Pelosi was asked whether Rangel was resigning, she said “no comment.”

As late as Monday evening, the New York Democrat seemed to be surviving his latest ethical challenges. But the tide turned against him quickly, and by Tuesday night, at least 14 Democrats had said that Rangel should go. Democratic leaders expect more to come, and the Capitol is braced for Rangel to lose his gavel one way or another – by force or voluntarily, temporarily or permanently.

“The dam broke today,” said a senior Democratic aide.

Fascinating: The New York Time hears different words.

As he left his crisis meeting with party leaders at about 8 p.m., Mr. Rangel insisted that he was not stepping down. Asked if he was going to remain as chairman, he said, “You bet your life.”

Pushed on whether he would step aside temporarily, he replied, flatly, “No.”

He said he was headed back to his office to work on jobs legislation, and when a reporter asked if he would still be the committee chairman on Wednesday, Mr. Rangel said, “Yes, and I don’t lie to the press.”

I’ve never trusted the press to report accurately since first encountering them as a young activist of 16, but this seems extreme- someone is out-right lying.


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Greenwich Time: 50 people in sports

Good article: I was surprised to realize that I am personally acquainted (or was, in one case) with every person profiled. Small towns do have their benefits.

UPDATE: Oops! My bad – I never met Pete Castiglione, profiled here  – wish I had, but never did. On the other hand, those of you my age or older will probably remember the “Heidi Game”, in 1968 when, with minutes remaining, NBC Sports was trying to decide whether to run overtime on an Oakland Raiders / NY Jets playoff game or cut to the scheduled airing of Heidi. The nervous dweebs called their boss,  Scotty Connal, at home for direction but one of the nine kids was on the only phone in the household, so they didn’t get through.

They pulled the plug, went with the little Swiss girl skipping through a meadow with wildflowers and, of course, the Raiders recovered an onside kick, scored and won the game. The angry phone calls of beer-soaked fans to NBC crashed NYC’s Bell’s system and, realtor and friend Susan Connal tells me, produced a new phone at the house exclusively dedicated to their dad and NBC.

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How do you keep a bull from charging?


Take away his credit card!

Dubai asks FBI to check credit cards (at the door).


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