This has got to be a Greenwich best seller

$1,275 for two bicycle wheels. Not an actual bicycle, mind you, but a darn good start on one. Gentlemen, start y0ur engines!


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5 responses to “This has got to be a Greenwich best seller

  1. sevencycles

    I have news for you that’s middle of the road as far as cost for a decent set of wheels

  2. Stump

    Sevencycles is right. A set of Lightweights is about $4000 and Campagnolo Boras only a little less than that. It always amazes me that people who’d spend many thousands to ski or golf expect top-level cycling equipment to cost the same as the kiddie bikes they remember.

    • christopherfountain

      I’m sure you guys are right but yes, the memory of the kid’s bike keeps my price expectation low. In 1969 four of us rode from here to Martha’s Vineyard (Woods Hole, actually) and had a blast. My Raleigh ten speed cost $69.

  3. HBilly

    An extra grand will get you Zipp 404 clinchers and you can lose the glue. Much better choice.

  4. KC

    And that Raleigh was probably made in England and about as good as you could find. I’ve still got my Raleigh three speed with the leather seat. I’ve also got a Schwinn that gets me around and I like it (one of the ones built for comfort not for speed) but it sure seems like it needs a lot of attention. I’ve never ridden a truly high class bike. I’m sure I’d like it if I did but that is pretty expensive.