Someone still has money

17 Hill Road

I really liked this house on Hill Road and mentioned that back in September when it was listed. Just a couple of years old, beautifully made and with great views, it asked $10.9 million, went to contract in December and sold today for $10.2. I think it was worth it; more important, so did the buyer.


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10 responses to “Someone still has money

  1. Andrew

    what do you think of 212 Bedford? sold for $2.7 in 05, assessed at $3 and now asking $6.5?

    • christopherfountain

      Is that the old tavern? If so, wonderful place and I believe the new owners have renovated it, which the assessment may not have caught up with yet, but honestly, I think it has more attraction to Westchester residents than Greenwich, being so far north.
      Which is not to say it’s not a wonderful house – if I remember, it had a dining room large enough to accommodate a 20-seat table, and the tavern in the basement brings one right back to 1776 and all that, but most of the land has long since been sold off and, there is that pesky location problem. But if you like Armonk and want low taxes, here’s your chance.

  2. Andrew

    I agree and it is on 3 acres in RA-4 zone and the house is close to the road and neighbor. In that area, for around $6 million I can buy 160 Bedford with 8 acres and build my own 10,000 square feet.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m not sure what there is to love about Bedford Road. The location and general atmosphere up there suck, and I’m sure the airport noise isn’t pretty; it isn’t pretty where I live, and that’s a hell of a lot further away from the airport than this place is.

    It’s always impressed me as a weird neighborhood, one in constant “transition” over the years, becoming increasingly populated with buyers who want a McMansion but can’t afford to build one in a prime location. Some of the results are truly horrible, tasteless and ugly, especially in the stretch near King Street, certainly not the drive-up I would want my visitors to experience were I to pay 6 million for 160 Bedford to build my dream house.


    For that kind of money one can, especially these days, buy a really nice house in a much, much better location.

    • christopherfountain

      160 is eight beautiful, gorgeous acres with an absolutely charming old 1930s house. Fabulous, and worth the drive out there to live in it. I can’t convince my customers of that, but if I had the money, I’d buy it. Great price, too. And no, not my listing!

  4. nosey neighbor

    just out of curiousity, where are YOUR listings ? I’d be interested to see what the asking price is in relation to the town’s assessed value

  5. Anonymous

    Just to clarify…160 Bedford Road is listed for $3,195,000, far below the $6million price mentioned by Andrew. A great value.

  6. Trying...

    so…any word on the mortgage brokers you like?