Vermont: “Never mind, we’ll just sit in the dark.”


State votes to shut down source of 1/3 its electricity. Home town of nuke plant displeased, rest of state is clapping its Birkenstocks in approval. Screw ’em.


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2 responses to “Vermont: “Never mind, we’ll just sit in the dark.”

  1. cos cobber

    it will be interesting to see how VT plans to make up their self created power deficit. probably will import more juice from canada which is obviously lousy for our trade deficit.

    why doesnt anyone in hartford seem to care that we have the most expensive electricity (sans Hawaii) by a significant margin? you cant have good paying industrial jobs with high utility costs. this isnt an issue per se for Fairfield County, but it is an issue for the balance of the state.

  2. greenmtnpunter

    Another embarrassment not to mention a dire threat to Vermont’s economy which has been unconscious and on life support for years. Time for Vermont voters to turn out the hippie dominated legislature so the sane people can begin to right this sadly listing ship of state.