Yeah, I was wondering about this too

But I play one on TV!

Obama uses white jackets as props for his ObamaCare speech.


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12 responses to “Yeah, I was wondering about this too

  1. diva4ever

    Less than a week ago, Obama scolded Eric Cantor for bringing the 2000+ page bill to the Health Care Summit, claiming Cantor was using it as a “prop.” What a hypocrite!

  2. Tom T

    Not quite as effective as obsessively holding a baby with Down Syndrome in your arms for the cameras, is it?

  3. '73Refugee

    “Tools” of the trade.

  4. Krazy Kat

    It is all in the staging. Having “doctors” there suggests a certain legitimacy to his cause. Just like claiming that the AMA’s endorsement is a blessing. Except that no one informs the gullible public that the AMA only represents about 20-25% of all physicians and that its members tend to be younger or administrators. I have spoken to at least a half dozen physicians/specialists with 15 to 35 years of experience and they are all against Obamacare. They may not be representative of all doctors but not one of them is currently a member of the AMA.

    Think of the white robes as equivalent to the white pillars at the acceptance speech and it becomes easy to forget them. Or mock them as Glenn Beck did this afternoon.

  5. KC

    A little puffery, some promotional tricks and the like are okay, I guess. It’s a little unseemly but we have seen that before. What worries me about this group is that I always feel that they are hiding the real, unvarnished substance behind the stage show. I am not the first to say that they are pretty good at campaigning, it’s just governing and leading that give them problems.

  6. Priapus

    This whole gig is like the fake town in Blazing Saddles…from the convention is Denver with Roman columns to this kind of crap…he night as well be Lady Gaga

  7. Hu Nhu?

    How does one hold one’s baby obsessively? And why are so many lefty’s obsessed with this mom, who said from Day One she’d push the cause of Special Needs Children?

    More important, how does our Mr. Himes intend to vote on Obamacare?

    Priapus is being a bit unfair to Lady Gaga….she strikes me as the more authentic of the two.

  8. diva4ever

    I still can’t figure out what Sarah Palin’s crime against humanity is?

    • christopherfountain

      She’s a girl and she’s a conservative? Oh, and she’s pretty. Strike three.

  9. Arouet

    She’s Rick Perry in drag!

  10. Anonymous

    The Left needs an enemy and someone to hate to draw attention away from their policies…they don’t have W anymore, so Palin is the new target…what we should be focused on is the tipping point the US will reach with our budget deficit.