Come over here, sonny – want to see my new puppy?

Eleven year old boy buys nine mansions in Dubai for $44 million. He could have spent his time more efficiently by shopping in Greenwich. (Apparently, the kid’s the son of the President of Azerbaijan, a country not known for fierce insistence on  ethical behavior by its rulers. So I could find him a nice place on Round Hill Road – he’d feel right at home..)


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2 responses to “Come over here, sonny – want to see my new puppy?

  1. Whoa… young Mr. Aliyev should be checkin out Di Ross’s manse in Belle Haven now assessed at 14.4 million. Based on your oft expressed view that true Greenwich MVs are at or close to assessed values, the tyke could get himself quite a bargain, notwithstanding Ms. Ross’s view that the interior condition of the house is somewhat less than excellent, dating back as it does to Frank Gorshin’s last rehab over 30 years ago.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Did you see GFP’s Dunnellen centerfold? Won’t sell the house, but two points for finding an attractive view of it.