More on the dual worlds of Paul Krugman

My earlier posting on James Taranto’s exposure of Krugman’s nonsense on unemployment benefits dredged up a memory of a party I attended as a young naive lad of 23-or so, here in town. The hostess didn’t work and her husband, a construction worker, worked eight months a year, and they vacationed in Florida during the winter months on unemployment checks from the rest of us taxpayers. They thought that was grand – I remember thinking, “someone is being hosed here.”


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5 responses to “More on the dual worlds of Paul Krugman

  1. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    That someone wouldn’t be you. You need to be actually making money, and funding these slobs, to be the one being hosed. So take some solace in that.
    Anyways, one of your previous “readers” – the plural part kills me – asked why you don’t discuss your listings, as you dissed yet another house you thought was overpriced. Your retort was you are currently representing only buyers, but would not be adverse to entertaining some listings.
    There in, Dude, lays the problem. All of you real estate scum – I use that term fondly – refuse to accept you are hypocrites , and your business model is doomed to failure. I give you 3 years. More than newspapers, you buggy whip.
    Adopt a Wall Street model. It can survive anything, as the last two years have shown. You need to be either a buy side rep, or a sell side rep. Can’t have it both ways, as you weasels currently have it. You, Dude Man, are a buy sider. No one in their right mind gives you a listing.
    Just a thought.
    Your Pal,

  2. Joe

    Krugman is a mental case. I am so sick of him. FYI Mark Levin’s speech can be seen live at his site at 9pm eastern tonight.

  3. Anonymous

    But, Walt, isn’t being both buy side reps and sell side reps the exact Wall Street model that “can survive anything, as the last two years have shown.”

    Having it both ways, selling junk from their client companies to their own customers, and making profits from both sides, has been the key to their vast personal and collective fortunes.

    By your logic, realtors’ prospects should be just as bright as those of Wall Street.

  4. Walt

    Anonymous –
    No, you douche. And again, I mean that fondly.
    You don’t see the difference, Helen Keller? On Wall Street, they at least pretend to work for one side or the other.
    Do they really? No.
    But they act like they do. Real Estate “professionals”, on the other hand, make no bones about working for anyone who will pay them. That is a fact.
    Optics matter. Wall Street gets that. Real Estate “professionals” evidently don’t. They will work for whover has the best nylons, and bubble gum, right Joe? Ruv you wrong time.
    Get it yet?
    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous

    I have heard it said that Susan Nova snaps her gum.

    Can anyone else confirm this?