Pelosi just lost another ObamaKare vote

You want to take my temperature with what?

Democrat Rep. Massa to quit. In fact, he voted against ObamaKare originally, but only because he wanted a fully-socialized program and didn’t think the Messiah’s plan went far enough, but it’s likely he could have been counted on to push this one home. No more.

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  1. Anon E. Moose


    Being on the second page already, this is likely too late to be seen, but every rep who quits (as opposed to announcing they will not run for reelection) HELPS Madame Speaker Botox. Resignations reduce the number of members in Congress. That’s why Massa’s first announced he wouldn’t run, then announced he was qutting. Quitting is better for Pelosi (in the short term) than dropping out.

    Each “Nay” vote that resigns decreases by 0.5 (rounded up to the nearest whole number) the number of “Yea” votes necessary to pass the monstrosity. If the Dems through enough of their own no votes under the bus, they win.