Someday, sellers’ logic will be revealed to me

477 Stanwich Rd

Price reduced today from $1.799 to $1.769 million. Why bother? Nothing wrong with the house: sits on 4 acres, is assessed at $1.842 million, etc., but sellers should understand that, assuming my buyers are typical, they aren’t thinking in bids $30,000 off list – I’d tell you how much more aggressive than that they are but it would break your heart.

I’ll just suggest this: if your house isn’t selling at its current price and you want to attract bids, get out the meat axe.


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10 responses to “Someday, sellers’ logic will be revealed to me

  1. Anonymous

    Well let’s see. On the south side you’ve got a bridle trail, a 750 psi gas transmission pipe, Parkway noise, and oh, yes “El Salon del Reino” Spanish Church.

    Then to the east, a massive wetlands and Stamford.

    You could look it up, but when Red Capalbo made these lots in 1974, he was selling them for $ 60,000 a pop. Still works for me.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Now that’s a nice little property. Seems like, from here, anyway. Only in Greenwich would people sniff at $30,000 off list. Of course, when you’re dealing in multi-millions, it’s all relative.

    Given that asking is below assessment, and nothing’s wrong with the house and it has a nice piece of land, I’d think potential buyers would be jumping on this one.

  3. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Thanks, anon, you just cleared up the mystery for me. Hard to tell just looking at the photo.

  4. Anonymous

    You could make it up to me in Crystal Beach on St. Patrick’s day. Meet me at noon at the Thirsty Marlin, zip 33770.

  5. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Thanks for the invite, anon, I’d take you up on that, but believe it or not, that’s a 1 1/2 – 2 hour drive for me. I tend to stick close to home on days like St. Pat’s, New Year’s eve, etc. I wouldn’t mind getting over to that area for some fishing sometime, though.

  6. Retired IB'er

    Go on… break my heart… how big a discount off ask would your typical buyer offer on a house that has sat for over a year?

    10%… 15%… or even 20%… or do I hear 30%?

    Clearly, each situation is different, but how sharp is your meat axe?

  7. Cos Cobber

    CF, what’s the story on 39 West Brother drive which offers around .60 acres for only 600k inside Milbrook.

    Is this correct, it seems well under priced.

  8. duff

    Cos Cobber, it’s a hoax. Brokers own house. Someone disgruntled have a go at the broker.

  9. duff

    Sorry, that should be “having a go at the broker”.

    I really have to start proof reading before hitting “submit”.

  10. Andrew

    And don’t forget the shared driveway with 479. And 479 uses the bridge on 477’s land to get to their barn. Permanent right-of-way.

    The riding trail easement is also in the deed so you can’t remove it or block access.