Riverside contract

I liked this house when I saw it at its open house and, while its $2.295 price tag was a lot higher than 4 Weston Hill next door which just sold for $1.6, I, at least, thought it a better house – more recently and far more extensively renovated, and with nice quality finishes. Someone must have agreed because it is reported under contract today, just a few weeks after being listed.


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3 responses to “Riverside contract

  1. foobar

    looks like a better deal at 558/ft versus no.4 at 595, especially if the finishing was better. 500-600 for that part of Riverside seems to be the rate these days

  2. Daytonflyer

    What’s if fair cost per foot range for riverside? With builders for the most part gone, what about land valuation?

    • christopherfountain

      Cost for new construction? Old? Renovated? Too broad a question. Land in Riverside is about a million for a building lot on a Grade B location (Summit Road, Dorchester, etc.) Indian Head $2 million and direct waterfront, which reached as high as $5.5 for a one acre lot in 2007, is still up there but I’d imagine you could buy it, if you found any, for $4.5 today?