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Ah, Instapundit!

The Glenn Reynolds effect

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Back to the prairie

Detroit isn’t Nebraska nor was it ever prairie, but it’s heading that way. Its mayor wants to scrape the outskirts of the city and convert them to farmland. ‘S okay with me, but I find it sad, while lefties applaud. The lights are going out across the prairie – and our country.


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Obama banning fishing?

Hell if I know – this ESPN article has no links to what it’s claiming but I’ll dig deeper. I do know that the eco-nuts got a ten buck permit imposed on salt water anglers this year, which our Connecticut legislatures promptly tripled (and no, I won’t be paying it) but if you believe ESPN, the next step is to stop fishing entirely.


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Was he blindfolded?

Sorry, thought you were a boy

Massa: I never groped anyone ‘sexually’ “ To grope can mean “to feel about blindly” or “to fondle for sexual pleasure” If former Representative Massa wasn’t groping his aide’s buttocks or groin for sexual pleasure, what the heck was his hand doing there?


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This seems about right

Chinese guy whose cluelessness shut down Newark Airport in December gets $500 fine, $168 court costs and 100 hours of community service. His deliberate evasion of the security gate cost airlines millions of dollars and thousands of passengers to be inconvenienced but I attribute most of that to over-reaction by the TSA, not this chump. Besides, he’s a biologist working on a cure for glaucoma and as that’s a disease that has afflicted my family, I’d rather he spend his time on that, not in jail. (And yes, I realize that undercuts my argument for the principled stand I urged in the NYT bit below, but what the heck)

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Color me skeptical

Three units at Riverstone, that condo project on the Port Chester border that has been languishing, are suddenly reported as sold (two sold, one “under contract” – all within days of being listed and at full asking price, all with the same broker representing both seller and buyer. Anything’s possible, but I wouldn’t rush to buy one of the dozens of remaining units under the impression that things have suddenly gotten better over in the west.


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Four contracts – curb your enthusiam

Four contracts today but all reflect the general market malaise, with no exciting big ticket items moving. The low end is definitely active though, which should encourage folks at that end of the market.

62 Old Stone Bridge, reduced from $1.830 TO $1.640, 288 dom (with a break of six months)

27 Mulberry, $1.299 to $1.199, 133 DOM

202 River Run, $699 reduced to $545,000, 357 DOM

6 Guinea Road, $3.6 million reduced to $2.025, 1,043 DOM

It’s a safe assumption that the actual selling price for all these will be less than their final asking price.


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