Caution: morons at work

Our RTM passed a (non-binding) resolution last night banning cellphone towers within 1,500 feet of any school– the same distance that child molesters must stay away. But if radio waves are so dangerous, why permit towers in town at all? Surely all those school children live somewhere and will be exposed to the same deadly rays at home – is the RTM trading off the convenience of cellphones for the lives of all those innocent school children living near a tower?  No, the only answer is to return to whale oil, ban electricity and get rid of our cars. If it saves the life of just one child ….
Little Johnny at home


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  1. Burning whale oil causes global warming.

    Try to get with the program Chris.

  2. Island Surveyor

    I hardly know where to begin. If you check the FCC database, you will see that our Greenwich schools, public and private, hold FCC broadcast licenses in the UHF range, as do I.

    In contemplating a move of my transmitter in Greenwich, a spectrum analysis was just performed:

    Click to access greenwichradiospectrumanalysis.pdf

    That’s what it looks like inside your dear child’s head, based on the schools own transmissions.

    I have previously pointed out that if your family uses an electric hair dryer, they’re getting 40 times the maximum EMF radiation found at the Cos Cob Power Plant generators.

    And don’t let your kids near a TV or computer.

  3. Anonymous

    worth a read. In California but I think more and more people are going to walk away from homes whose value is too low compared to their morgage

  4. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Wait; not so fast; Hold on: a recent study from France reveals that cell-tower emissions prevents acne, improves athletic performance, and increases standardized test scores.

  5. Anonymous

    Cher Pierre:

    De toute évidence, il serait bénéfique de mettre le T-Mobile prochain tour directement sur l’Auditorium de Greenwich High School.

  6. Anonymous

    kids spend about 35 hours a week at school; they spend three or four times that at home. radiation, if there is any, is proportional to time of exposure. so why look to limit the exposure in the schools and not the home? wackos in the RTM.

    • christopherfountain

      Not to mention the stuff Island Surveyor points out in the home – microwave ovens, televisions, radios, video games and, of copurse, all the little darlings hqave their own cell phones! Whackos indeed.

  7. KC

    I can’t be sure but I watched the original Frankenstein over the weekend. Now I’m no scientist but when Dr. F sends the monster into the sky to enjoy the electrical storm, I was sure thinking cell phone tower.

  8. Island Surveyor

    The 20 or so cell phones the kids in the classroom have in their pockets step up their radiated power by about 250%, the further the central cell tower is away from them. (That’s why your cell phone battery runs down so faster in areas of marginal reception.)

    So take that, RTM. You’ve voted to send every kid’s cell phone into high power mode in the classroom.

  9. Island Surveyor

    At tonight’s P&Z hearing on the Cos Cob Power Plant Park, Barry Montgomery tried to apply last night’s non-binding RTM resolution to the “playground under the cell phone tower” part of the site plan.

    He claimed to have just learned that there was a cell phone tower adjacent to the site. Geesh! Who knew?

    FWIW readers knew that months ago in this space. You can see the cell towers on Google Maps streetview from I-95. Or your car’s window!

    In the best exchange of the night, the Deputy Director of Planning assured the Chairman that the site plan was in compliance with DEP Coastal Regulations. DEP, The CT Dept of Environmental Protection, must issue the permit.

    The Chairman asked her, “What’s DEP?”

    Words cannot express the sorry and pity felt for the state of democracy and the rule of law in Town.

    In the second best exchange, the Chairman was assured that the site plan was “legal non-conforming” with FEMA regs, because ZBA issued a variance.

    But with FEMA, compliance is like pregnancy. Either you are or you are not. So the park plan goes forward, utilizing the Town’s overhead of allowances for non-compliant plans approved by the municipality, which raises flood insurance rates for all policy rate-payers.

    The P&Z members think like townies, not realizing the State and Federal implication of the proposed plan.

  10. Island Surveyor


  11. RTM Townie

    Sadly, like many elected legislatures, the RTM succumbs to the “Mom & Apple Pie” resolutions. Vote against it, and you’re an evil child hater. There are too many “Think of the Children” votes in all legislatures … none of which have any appreciable effect other than to make the legislators feel better about themselves.

    The cell tower issue in any municipality in Connecticut can be reined in … ask Mr. Fuddrucker how a municipal cell tower plan can give a municipality more say over where the towers are placed. Hopefully Mr. Tesei’s “Cell Tower Task Force” will listen to what Mr. Fuddrucker has to say on the matter.

  12. Cos Cobber

    thanks I.S. for the detailed recapped.

    i’m still baffled by the cell phone / cell tower scare. i hope these scare mongers have taken the time to shield or remove all EMFs from their home. The best way to start is to call the power company and ask for an immediate termination of service. then cloak yourself in lead when you step outside because i havent turned my cell phone off yet and i have no plans too.

  13. Island Surveyor

    March 5, 2010

    Press Release by Edward Meyer, Chairman, Environment Committee:

    Headline: Meyer’s Cell Phone Tower Bill Approved by Environment Committee
    SubHead: Proposal would give cities and towns more control over tower siting

    A bill introduced by state Sen. Ed Meyer (D-Guilford) to give cities and towns more control over if and where cell phone towers are located was unanimously approved by the Environment Committee this morning.

    The bill would give local zoning commissions and inland wetland agencies—instead of the Connecticut Siting Council—the final say on whether and where a cell phone tower could be located. Sen. Meyer said the current process of having the State Siting Council review and approve the applications is not working, since the Council approves nearly all of the applications anyway.

    Full Bill Text Link (SB 206):

  14. Island Surveyor

    It just keeps on coming:

    Some researchers also caution against using your phone in areas with poor coverage since phones emit more radiation when searching for a signal. Children, which have smaller and thinner skulls, should limit cell phone use, and all users, children and adults, should not sleep with an active phone next to their bedside or under their pillow.

    See for what it looks like in your kid’s head when the tower is at a greater distance.

  15. Island Surveyor

    This just in from Hartford:
    House Bill 5504

    (G) In the case of a facility described in subdivision (6) of subsection (a) of section 16-50i that is (i) proposed to be installed on land under agricultural restriction, as provided in section 22-26cc, that the facility will not result in a material decrease of acreage and productivity of the arable land, or (ii) proposed to be installed on land that is near a school, as defined in section 10-154a, that the facility will be not less than seven hundred fifty feet from such school.