Dave Roberson, Democrat Chairman, dead*

On the other side of the political fence from me but a tremendous person and thus a tremendous loss.

Biography here.

* UPDATE: apparently the poor guy died from an aneurism or heart attack and not from the crash. It’s a small relief to think that he probably didn’t suffer.


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5 responses to “Dave Roberson, Democrat Chairman, dead*

  1. Stanwich

    Horrible news. Sorry to hear it.

  2. dogwalker

    His father passed away only about a month and a half ago.

    Prayers for his mother and sister.

  3. Red

    This is very sad and shocking news.

  4. dogwalker

    Apologies . . . his father passed away in October. It just seems more recent.

  5. RTM Townie

    He was a genuine legislator … political affiliation was never his primary motive, doing the right thing was. He will be sorely missed.