Four contracts – curb your enthusiam

Four contracts today but all reflect the general market malaise, with no exciting big ticket items moving. The low end is definitely active though, which should encourage folks at that end of the market.

62 Old Stone Bridge, reduced from $1.830 TO $1.640, 288 dom (with a break of six months)

27 Mulberry, $1.299 to $1.199, 133 DOM

202 River Run, $699 reduced to $545,000, 357 DOM

6 Guinea Road, $3.6 million reduced to $2.025, 1,043 DOM

It’s a safe assumption that the actual selling price for all these will be less than their final asking price.


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2 responses to “Four contracts – curb your enthusiam

  1. foobar

    let’s see, that’s about 5 million bucks of contracts in one day. 250G of commisssions. Not enough to be happy about?

    Sort of fits my view that brokers around here are still spoiled, still dreaming about 2007. Get over it.

  2. tagpeddler

    well hell, why not. here i sit 25 miles south of the missouri state line. yes it is in arkansas, with a 2 million dollar cedar home that here would bring, if i dared list it, 95,000 dollars. yes, i do not jest.
    get the money if you can and don’t land here for god sake if you are a real estate broker.