Sean Penn: reporters who call Chavez a dictator should be jailed!

This icon of the left made no mention of Chavez shutting down all radio and television stations that oppose him but he’ll probably get around to that when he has time.


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5 responses to “Sean Penn: reporters who call Chavez a dictator should be jailed!

  1. anon1

    In Venezuela, reporters are! Sean is a complete idiot.

  2. Kidding Really??

    dictator… come and get me bitch

  3. Priapus

    Allow me some insight on Sean Penn. I lived in the Bay Area and he came to my gym, and said he wanted to go to a gym where he would be a regular guy. After checking it out, he drove off in a metalic blue Ferrari F5. Price? 1 large.
    There’s a regular guy.

    I can’t understand the hypocrisy that these people spew, this nonsense under the protections we provide. Why they don’t just leave. C’mon anger management boy, punch me now!

  4. In Venezuela those who criticize his dictatorial regime may have their broadcast licenses revoked. Mr. Penn has an even more radical approach jailing dissidents.

    Please help us participating in #chavezdictator or #freevenezuela

    Sean Penn is just another piece of the leftist propaganda machine in Hollywood as well as Danny Glover They both receives money from the Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez
    Twitter @no_al_comunismo