A labor of love, it turns out

8 Wyckham Hill

The owner of this house on Wyckham Hill paid $3.3 million for it in 2006, dumped a ton of money into upgrades and improvements and returned it to the market last year at $4.995. Bad timing. It’s been dropping in price ever since and today it’s hit $3.3 again, so all that work turns out to have been done for free. The assessment is $2.8ish, so this is actually approaching the level of  a decent deal.


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11 responses to “A labor of love, it turns out

  1. G'wich Transplant

    Does this have Merritt noise issues?

    • christopherfountain

      It depends who you ask. I’d say yes but a friend of mine who lives on the same (Merritt) side of the street says it’s far quieter than his old house on the water which was buffeted by I-95 truck noise. Noise or not, someone will be getting a large discount because of it. Again, a subjective matter.

  2. G'wich Transplant

    When I looked at #12 on the same street, the noise was pretty bad (but, then again, that sold for an ok price so maybe I’m too picky).

    • christopherfountain

      It’s a trade off – and everyone I know who lives near the Merritt, whether on Will Merry, Old Mill, Wyckham, etc., says the same thing – the brain shuts out any noise within a few weeks. I know that’s true because, when I’d come home to Gilliam Lane from college, the first few days trying to sleep with the windows open (my father didn’t believe in a/c), I’d be kept awake from the Thruway noise about a half mile away. After that, for the rest of the summer, I slept like the babe I was.
      But you just have to remember, when you buy a house impacted like this, that, just as you got a discount, the next buyer will expect one too.

  3. Accolay

    The real question: can you see the Merritt from this home?

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t remember, honestly – those four acres of woods are mostly in back, so I’d think you’d get a glimpse of traffic, at worst, but you’d have to go yourself and see (or, I will go back and see and report back in a week or so).

  4. As with Thruway noise in the summer (my parents didn’t feel the need for A/C, either), the “babbling” of the Merritt “brook” is somewhat less noticeable when a residence is upwind of the highway.

    About the only time we notice our proximity to the Merritt is on warm Sunday mornings when clusters of bikers travel north to join Marcus Dairy gatherings. 99% of the time, we have no aural awareness of its existence.

  5. foobar

    It seems Wyckham is forever doomed with that discount – which is fine (as a buyer) if you get it going in.

  6. total fan

    what is the story on 15 quail road? I have not seen it reported in the paper and I would be interested in the final price.

  7. anonymous

    I heard through the grapevine that there was a very serious international buyer. They were having trouble getting their financing together so that deal may have gone south.

  8. CF's friend on WHL

    #8 WHL has a fence in back and then about 350 feet of woods to the Merritt. A glimpse of cars in dead of winter from upper level is possible, nothing in Summer when trees are fully leaved. Nothing visible from backyard given fence and angles.

    The noise of normal cars is a dull sound that sounds like leaves blowing through trees. As pointed out, the bikes in Summer are noticible for the 5-8 seconds that they are on the bend below the North Street overpass.

    And yes, you acclimate to it rather quickly. Sitting by the pool in Summer is only interrupted by the bikes for a brief time.

    Hey, homes away from the Merritt but in the direct approach to HPN have far more noise than anything one might hear from the Merritt.

    And yes, the combined sound of I-95 and the MetroNorth tracks on Cos Cob Harbor does make the Merritt sound like “a babbling brook”. 😉