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Emergency repairs

I just heard from my friend Ferdinand Steyer – he’s back from Austria and available if you need a roof repaired, porch replaced or any other storm damage attended to. I and readers have sung Ferdinand’s praises before (find those comments under the Home Improvement section) but you can jut call him at (203) 216-3329 or email him at Ferdinand@mountainworks.biz.

Similarly, my firewood go-to-guy, Riverside’s Bryan Krois, can deal with that ugly tree sticking through your roof and after sawing it up, he’ll grind that stump out. His contact info is (203) 496-1241 Bkrois@optonline.net.

These are both great people, and I highly recommend them.


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Speaking of local media

Reader Island Surveyor reports that WGCH was off the air during the storm and thus unable to run its Sunday morning polka hour. That’s bad enough but, according to Island, WGCH is supposed to be part of the town’s emergency response system. Which perhaps they are, so long as a back-up generator or any expensive equipment like that isn’t required. Of course, with a listener base so low that Arbitron can’t measure it, the five or six residents who missed their polka and power restoration reports could probably have been updated by their neighbors.


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There are crazy brokers in New York City, too

Buckley's 1/2 price sale

The New York Times reports that the late William F. Buckley’s NYC apartment has been marked down from its 2008 price of $24.5 million to a mere $12 million, and Brook Astor’s has dropped from $46 million to $24.

2008 was not a banner year for real estate so you wonder what these people were thinking. Or I do, anyway.


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While I was out

Greenwich Time fired Teri Buhl. Every time I hear some paean to the main stream media about the importance of maintaining its independent voice, its courage in speaking truth to power and all that rot, I snicker. My own experience and now Teri’s shows that so long as newspapers are dependent on advertisers, they will deep six anyone who offends. A newspaper without advertising is hardly a commercially viable model, of course, but so what? These folks are well past their expiration date – it passed the very first time they caved to an angry, powerful person and they can never get it back.

Buhl was hired to report on Greenwich’s financial industry – makes, sense, doesn’t it? First innovative idea the morons (formerly) on Elm Street have had in years. So that lasted three months and the editors are back to the pabulum they’ve been spooning out for decades now as they dragged their paper into irrelevancy. What are they trying to charge for today? Suzie’s Dish, of course – Jerry Springer seen in Greenwich!! That’s worth the buck-fifty they ask right there, but as a bonus, there’s an article warning those suffering from food allergies to be careful in restaurants – hard hitting reporting, no holds barred. These are words that must be said! What a crock.

Dead, defunct, obsolete and cowardly. Yet they continue to pat each other on the back and pass around prizes as though they are doing something worthwhile. They aren’t.


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