While I was out

Greenwich Time fired Teri Buhl. Every time I hear some paean to the main stream media about the importance of maintaining its independent voice, its courage in speaking truth to power and all that rot, I snicker. My own experience and now Teri’s shows that so long as newspapers are dependent on advertisers, they will deep six anyone who offends. A newspaper without advertising is hardly a commercially viable model, of course, but so what? These folks are well past their expiration date – it passed the very first time they caved to an angry, powerful person and they can never get it back.

Buhl was hired to report on Greenwich’s financial industry – makes, sense, doesn’t it? First innovative idea the morons (formerly) on Elm Street have had in years. So that lasted three months and the editors are back to the pabulum they’ve been spooning out for decades now as they dragged their paper into irrelevancy. What are they trying to charge for today? Suzie’s Dish, of course – Jerry Springer seen in Greenwich!! That’s worth the buck-fifty they ask right there, but as a bonus, there’s an article warning those suffering from food allergies to be careful in restaurants – hard hitting reporting, no holds barred. These are words that must be said! What a crock.

Dead, defunct, obsolete and cowardly. Yet they continue to pat each other on the back and pass around prizes as though they are doing something worthwhile. They aren’t.


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  1. Hu Nhu?

    That is a real shame. David McCumber sounds like a gutless scum bag. Shame on him.

    • christopherfountain

      They are indeed gutless scum, which would be fine, if they admitted it, but it’s pathetic to see them trying to pass themselves off as journalists and crusading, brave editors in the model of some frontiersman of one hundred fifty years ago. They cling to the romantic image but sold out long ago.

  2. Amen to you, Chris, and to your commenters.

  3. AJ

    Too bad. I gave up reading that rag a few years ago. Wasn’t worth the recycling effort every few weeks.

  4. Island Surveyor

    What’s happening with the “old media” is both sad and revolting. But let’s look at it from a simple business vantage – and these are businesses.

    Greenwich Time no longer has the resources, even with Hearst as owner, to put knowledgeable reporters on the street; neither can they afford to “speak truth to power” with the likes of Ms. Buhl – the most exciting component and relevant reportage in memory. The loss of her investigative efforts is a death kneel to the usefulness of the local print media. Greenwich Post, with the loss of its CF real estate column, is lost too.

    When Mr. Hearst told reporter/artist Frederic Remington (Yale 1879) in Cuba, “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war,” then we understood how the newspaper business really worked, and yes I know that’s an urban myth.

    It used to be that Greenwich Time would find any local controversy to sell papers, and if it couldn’t find one, it could manufacture one. Island Beach or Captain’s Island caretaker lifestyle and side business activities was a fruitful field as far back as Ruth Sims to generate municipal turnover.

    As to WGCH, they were off the air for over 24 hours last Sunday for an un-named storm, unable to air their Sunday morning Polka Hour programming. And this was the emergency station of record, according to official Town emergency planning directives. The new station management evidently made a business decision was not to provide or maintain back-up generator service.

    So it seems the exciting Ms. Buhl must now join the new media sector, meaning only Suzy still draws a paycheck for her efforts. They rest of us try to simply speak truth, for what it’s worth.

  5. Teri Buhl

    Thank You for all your feedback and for reading the last few months. I think this is an important topic to discuss. I am really disapointed in McCumber’s sudden choice to ask me to leave Greenwich Time but am outraged that Hearst thinks it’s ok to take down all my online reporting in the blog. There is a lot of original news in there that is linked to other publications stories. Important stories about fraud or abuse in our local financial services firms. I asked McCumber on Saturday face to face why my blog was taken down and he didn’t even have an answer for me. I was told by another editor that they will work to at least get me copies of my clips. Do you think this is balanced or even responsible journalism from your local paper?

  6. The Broker Fixer

    You and Teri are both great writers….is there any chance you could/would collaborate? Real Estate and Finance go hand-in-hand; you respect her work and she in turn compliments you (she may even complement you). The Fountain-Buhl Report? The Chris and Teri Show on NPR?

  7. Stump

    I hope this speeds the GT’s inevitable demise.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Is the Broker Fixer really you? I know Ms. Buhl makes you all tingly, but the mutual admiration society in this thread made me puke a bit. I was going to describe it as a circle je.., but I showed some self restraint.
    So she lost a print journalist job? So frigging what. They are as obsolete as “real estate professionals”. So she should look at it as a head start. Do newspaper reporters actually get paid? If so, how? Investigate that, Dick Tracey.
    Anyway, I think Ms. Buhl – or as you call her “Baby Cakes” is a fine reporter and I wish her well. As long as she keeps her nose out of my stuff.
    Your Pal,

  9. Cos Cobber

    I would pay for the fountain/buhl blog. Its news you can actually use.

    Just when I thought maybe Hearst was starting to “get it” it turns out they got nothing. The future of journalism is in the independent blogger. The local print rags will devolve into penny savers, only useful for the community calendar and as a wall space for those who rant via snail mail and the ‘letter to the editor.’

  10. Anonymous

    Interestingly, Greenwich Time today warns against use of “social networks” because they’ll know when you’re not home.

    At the same time, they display the Greenwich Twitter stream on their home page, since that seems to be a principal source of actual local news for them.

  11. Anonymous

    And “Amen” to you also, BC! Go ahead and slash their damned tires.

    We “commenters” know you can do it!

    That’ll show them.

  12. not so anonymous

    These days, if you tell the truth, on nearly any subject, you may now expect to be ridiculed, dismissed, mocked and fired. It is so common and widespread that I figure it has to be a harbinger. Folks can’t sniff out the difference between crack pot theory and actual stuff anymore. AND, ” they ” are making men and women share rooms in the dorms of major colleges…(http://thechoice.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/05/06/co-ed-dorm-room/ )because……there’s no legitimate difference , “gender neutral” is the goal…..see the thread ? My final quote is from Bob Dylan’s “Dirt Road Blues” .. I’m going down that dirt road till everything becomes the same”… we’re almost there….




  14. Stanwich

    Teri Buhl was the only thing worth reading in the Greenwich Time (besides the property transactions).

    Why is everyone so afraid of Charlie Gasparino (its not like he is Rupert Murdoch). Who effing cares? Is Hearst really that concerned about it?

    When the Greenwich Time hired Teri Buhl I thought it was genius — a local newspaper reporter in the heat of hedge fund land willing to report on the ugly and bad of all facets of the financial bloodstream of our fine town.

    Now I wonder when the Greenwich Time will become a weekly supplement to some other paper. What a mistake.

  15. Stamford Trader

    I think we should write letters to the Editor In Chief and if Hearst won’t print them send them to the Greenwich Post to print.
    McCumber can be reached at david.mccumber@scni.com
    Buhl’s reporting on the RBS Trader who stole from the banks Greenwich Capital group, James Glover, it still an important piece of news the needs to be reported out. Is that guy making a deal or is he going to be arrested?

    • christopherfountain

      Ah well, Chris Buckley’s a writer – what does he kniow about real estate? Still, you’d think a Yale graduate would ….oh, wait a minute.

  16. Greenwich Gal

    Teri – please start an online blog. Journalism – at least whats left of it – needs you!