9 Bennett Street

This is a nice house on a good street south of the village in Old Greenwich, but with just three bedrooms, its 2008 price of $1.999 was too much for the market to respond. It dropped today to $1.689, and it looks much better.


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3 responses to “9 Bennett Street

  1. xyzzy

    House around the corner is on the market for 1.5 million. That can’t be helping the price of this house.

  2. Lowball

    Decent area, but 3K sq ft shoehorned into only on 0.18 acres means no room for expansion, and just barely enough room in the back yard for a BBQ and a picnic table.

  3. christopherfountain

    It’s assessment is $1.2 so somewhere between that and its new price, a happy compromise ought to be found.