Coming our way?

Free speech, but not for Whitey!

Ann Coulter forbidden to speak in Canada. This just two days after a University Provost warned her that she could be jailed under Canadian’s anti-free speech laws should she offend anyone. Can’t happen here? I imagine many Canadians thought the same thing just ten years ago.


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20 responses to “Coming our way?

  1. Anonymous

    Anne Coulter is an embarrassment to conservatives. I’d send her to jail for the crime of causing nausea among her viewers by continually and disgustingly raking her fingers through her long, greasy-looking hair.


  2. not so anonymous

    she’s a front line, in your face, truth tact, no apology, mouthy, usually correct, steel trap. Warriors are necessarily sharp.

  3. Anon

    She is not an embarrassment to conservatives. She is brilliant and extremely funny. She is also caustic and definitely pushes the edge, no doubt, but that is what she does. Lighten up, why are people afraid of free speech so much?

    Coulter has just as much right to say the things she does as do those loser liberals who hate America and want to see us brought down a few notches.

  4. You bet it’s coming our way. Obama and his gang will make sure of that. For more on the Great Ann and her victory, yes victory, over Canadian bigotry click here:

  5. Hiram

    Yes, Ann (no “e”) Coulter is not everything many conservatives would like, but should she be more of an embarrassment to them than so many “progressives,” eg., Al Sharpton, Sean Penn, Laurence O’Donnell, etc., should be to their side? And aren’t those lunatics generally accorded full respect by the mainstream media?
    Off-topic, but a lot more fun, the Greenwich Time reports that Noel family friend 69-year-old Laura McCloy was once again arrested for drunken driving.

  6. InfoDiva

    Her own bodyguard decided to cancel her speech. For all we know, that cancellation was done more for effect than anything else.

    I doubt that in Canada, with its strict gun control laws, she faced anything more deadly than a pie in the face.

  7. '73Refugee

    And Canadians are supposed to be so nice.

  8. JDinBkln

    I think it’s very telling that the responses coming to Coulter’s defense are the ones in the wee hours of the morning. Something tells me this isn’t the first time they’ve trolled the internet at 3am.

    Ann Coulter is a disgusting human being. This is a woman who said that 9/11 widows were ‘harpies’ got ‘enjoyment’ out of their husbands deaths. Her far-right rants are nothing but attempts to sell books and get her (unattractive) face on TV.

    ps, liberals don’t ‘hate America,’ you hick.

    • In fact, JD, I believe liberals do hate America – they think we’re an oppressive, imperialistic power, they accuse us of consuming more than our “fair share” of natural resources, and they hate fly over country. Besides that, you might take note that not everyone lives here in the Northeast with you and that many of my readers come from different time zones – you know – that dark, unknown area west of the Hudson.

  9. not so anonymous

    Has a liberal speaker ever been hit in the face with a pie?

  10. Freckles

    Off the subject, isn’t this Laura McCloy’s second DWI offense in less than three months?

    • What, she has another? That’s not good. First one was in September, I believe.
      UPDATE: sure enough, another arrest. That’s a shame. I don’t know the disposition of the first case but I’m pretty sure a second offense now carries a minimum mandatory 120 day jail sentence.

  11. Hu Nhu?

    Boy, JDinBlkn is one open-minded individual. Does this mean trolling the internet should be regulated?

    Anyone who’s reviewed the sales numbers knows Ann Coulter doesn’t need to resort to “rants” to sell her books. And anyone who thinks such rants sell books in such volume likely presumes Ms. Coulter’s readers are stupid. Cling to that illusion if it makes you feel better.

  12. Anon

    BTW, JD, you myopic fool, did it ever occur to you that we “hicks” are not “trolling the internet at 3am”, but working/ traveling overseas, away from our families, and earning the high incomes that jerks like you want to take and redistribute to your favored constituencies. Of course not; you only know how to call your opponents names and try to silence those who don’t agree with your drivel.

  13. JDinBkln

    All liberal-minded people do not have the same exact set of beliefs, so how can you logically say that ‘liberals hate America’? A lot of liberals would say that conservatives are the ones who hate other Americans. Have you seen footage from those Tea Parties? Some of them are like a clan rally.

    Personally, I don’t trust anyone who is so far right or left that they can’t listen to the other side’s argument. The sad thing is that the Rachel Maddows and Rush Limbaughs of the country have drowned out the voices of the moderates.

  14. Greenwich Gal

    I’m a moderate JD! I’m beginning to think I’m a rare bird, indeed, as I look around and observe all the political extremism.
    Ann Coulter has a sharp mind, but an equally sharp style, developed primarily for whipping conservatives into a froth and selling books and speeches. The left has their version as well. Al Franken, Rachel and Olbermann…
    What I am missing here are the statesmen who worked with others and cultivated relationships and crafted legislation that was fair and good – mostly. Are those days gone? Most old timers in DC say it is. We are truly in the midst of a cultural divide and upheaval.
    The fact of the matter is folks – the government has already been in the healthcare business for decades. We DO need some sort of reform in the healthcare arena. Even if we do nothing -Medicare will be bankrupt and we will have a massive healthcare debacle on our hands. There is no way the current population can shoulder the burden of the aging boomers. It is all in the math.
    I was just hoping for tort reform, and setting healthcare free by allowing competition among insurance companies. Doesn’t look like it is gonna happen.

  15. Yes, JD it’s so sad. Would you like a crying towel to dry your weepy liberal eyes… Don’t be such a naive pansy. Of course she makes money with her in-your-face attitude. And if that drowns out other voices, then other people need to be more compelling. One thing that is abundantly clear is love her or hate her, we’re all talking about her (and yes, some of us are doing it at 3am). Between her books, blogs, interviews, and college speaking she’s a regular enterprise unto herself. And good for her. It’s called capitalism. Oops! Sorry, that’s a dirty word for you progressives isn’t it?

  16. Renting in OG

    C’mon… Ann Coulter… really? Give me a break.

    She’s a mean-spirited sensationalist.

    I’m as bummed out by the direction the country is going as most of the people posting on this blog but we can’t overshoot the mark… need to get back to the middle… fiscally conservative and socially tolerant… and try to do it without getting sucked into the simple-minded sound bites of all the polarizing all-or-nothing talking heads like Coulter and whoever her loony liberal counterparts are…


  17. JDinBkln

    Detesting Ann Coulter makes me a ‘pansy’? Well, I’ll gladly accept the title, culturecrusader. And while I’m at it, I’ll be the voice of the liberals here just to balance things out a little. I’m not a even registered Democrat, but this little back and forth has been enlightening…

    After I finish crying, I’m off to cash my welfare check and burn some flags at an anti-war protest with all my America-hating liberal friends. Let me know if you want to join, Greenwich Gal!

  18. You know JD, for a moment there I really couldn’t tell whether or not you were being sarcastic, but I figured it out.