Three contracts reported so far today, all for houses under $1 million. Over on Riversville Road, there’s a pending for a house that started, back in 2004, at $4.5 million, dropped down eventually to $2.7 and is being sold via short sale, as are most houses these days.   

6 Willow Run


Over off King Street, on the Port Chester border, this 999 sq.ft. cape has just been listed for $1.050 million. Call me crazy, but I don’t see this as  $1,000 per square foot construction.


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8 responses to “Contracts

  1. G'wich Transplant

    Is that 276 Riversville? That’s been on forever. Nice house, but you need to go through a swamp to get to the acreage in the back (which is beautiful, but marred by Merritt noise). The house also has no family room.

  2. G'wich Transplant

    I thought it was 4 beds. Could be wrong though. When I visited I could have done without the flying cherub motif all over walls of the bathrooms…

  3. InfoDiva

    “….being sold via a short sale, as are most houses these days.”

    Really? Most of the houses sold in Greenwich in 2010 have been short sales? That’s quite a piece of news.

    Are banks becoming more cooperative about this? Are they requiring that sellers to sign a note for the deficiency?

    • Banks are not becoming more cooperative and it’s driving agents crazy because no deal is finalized for months and there’s no certainty the buyer will end up with the place until then. One agent told me that of her 13 listings, twelve were short sales. They aren’t selling, but that’s their status. It’s complicated and messy out there right now.

  4. JDinBkln

    I don’t see how you can get 3 bdrms in a 999sf house, never mind 4.

    $1 milllion to live in a box on a swamp near Westchester county airport – sounds lovely. Maybe in OG, but not in glorified Port Chester.

  5. If I had $1.1 to spend on a house, I’d snap up 40 Edgewater on its 0.12 acre instead of this tear down on its acre, any day, any time. No comparison.

  6. rupert

    what about mineral rights? marcellous shale perhaps?