European justice

13 years, 10 months for hacking a man to pieces with an axe and stashing him in the freezer. We may be too harsh here in the US, but if I were a German citizen, I wouldn’t sleep well knowing that this 28-year old student will be out on the streets in just a few years (they parole early over there, too.)


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2 responses to “European justice

  1. Anonymous

    We may be too harsh here in the US?

    As a US citizen I haven’t slept well ever since knowing that the 48-year old OJ Simpson was out on the streets immediately after he beat the charge that he slashed the throats of two innocent young people, one of them his wife.

  2. Helsa Poppin

    Couple of interesting points – why don’t they reveal his name? That shows some exaggerated sensitivity to the criminal as well.

    He killed in order to commit the “perfect crime”, just like Leopold and Loeb. They were motivated by the desire to be supermen as described by Nietzsche. This line of thought leads straight to the Nazis. In this case there are further Nazi overtones in the choice of victim, a homeless person, and the brutality of the crime. In a country where it is a crime to own Mein Kampf, you’d think they’d be a little more concerned about actual murder.