ObamaCare -latest shot in the war against the middle class

The NY Times thinks this is grand, of course. Basically, a family of four with an income above $88,000 is now fair game for Obama and his crowd. I find that disturbing – you may not.


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10 responses to “ObamaCare -latest shot in the war against the middle class

  1. Anonymous

    first and foremost it’s a tax, then it’s a goodie bag for favorite demo constituencies, trial lawyers, unions, society’s dependent losers, mexican illegals, insurance, big pharma, etc.

    obammy had to pass this, because the special interest group which is the fedgov is broke and facing financial implosion. social security “trust fund,” long ago raided and broke. medicare… well, yikes… no such special fund for healthcare.

    also, there were some provisions in there about health insurance.

    buckle up.

  2. aliprowl

    Good luck finding any real “reform” in this massive new entitlement. It’s entirely about wealth redistribution – end of story. Next up – amnesty, so Barry can enlist millions of new Dem sheeple to perpetuate his socialist remaking of America. There is no way to adequately describe how much I despise this administration and all that it is doing to shred the private sector. I’m taking to my bed to watch Paul Ryan on YouTube.

  3. The Broker Fixer

    I’m in the group who gets screwed the most. A self-pay with premiums that have increased 20% a year for the last five years. Single largest line-item in our monthly budget. The healthcare bill “allows” self-payers to be charged even more, up to 14% above the annual increase permitted by state law. I also am given the privilege of paying the new investment income tax. I can’t even talk about this subject without gritting my teeth.

  4. not so anonymous

    It’s hard not to believe Mr. Beck.

  5. Nope

    Makes me sick. I couldn’t even read past the second paragraph of the NYT article (which is why I don’t read the NYT much anymore).

    Just for fun, I tried reading some of the 155 page health care bill to try and get an understanding of what it all means. But ironically, the bill is more complex than any prospectus for an exotic derivatives structure that I’ve ever read. All I know is my taxes are going up and the quality of my healthcare will probably go down.

    • The thing is, Nope, that no one really cares what’s in the bill, least of all its supporters. They see it as the first step for the inevitable nationalization of healthc care, so as long as that step was accomplished, the details don’t matter. And there’s no point arguing with liberals about this because they want national healtch care – the more flawed this bill is, the soon nirvanah.

  6. Anonymous

    in 2,000+ pages, the demtards forgot to protect children with pre-existing conditions.

    now about that amendment….


  7. HG

    The Republicans inherited the high ground in the debate: capitalism and freedom. Huge swaths of the Democratic Party espouse economic theories that would require a Soviet-trained professor to support. It takes a special kind of Republican incompetence to fritter it away on school prayer, gay marriage and the big one–WMD. You get what you deserve.

  8. ash

    Next step for Obama and the Democrats will be imposing a VAT to pay for even more social engineering and to make us even more like Western Europe. Maybe we can even reach Spain’s 24% unemployment rate. Good times ahead!!

  9. Anonymous

    the first VATs are already in the bill.

    tampons are now subject to federal tax to enlarge a broken government of corrupt looters.