A cautionary tale from David McCucumber

Wally Peepers struggles to extend his expiration date

Greenwich Time’s editor, shown below, is just a pathetic shadow of the man he once was. I was dismayed, after Googling the guy, to discover that he was once a kindred spirit and my own age. Spent a year ranching in Montana, went on the road, and was a truly adventurous guy. Now he’s just a hack, struggling to hang on until his pension comes through. How sad. Makes me think all the better about moving to Hong Kong. What do you say, Dave – want to try one last blast with me? It’s our last chance.

In better days

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  1. McCumber has had a hard life recently. I sold a house for him when he was Managing Editor of the Seattle PI– nice guy, lovely young wife, cute kids. But having to fire most of his employees and fold his paper into a web-only shadow of its formal self has apparently taken its toll. Sorry for him, and sorry for you guys–