Governors: we’re not spending too much, we’re taxing too little!

Throw ’em out – all of them. NYT: States expanding taxation to everything.


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2 responses to “Governors: we’re not spending too much, we’re taxing too little!

  1. out looking in

    Eureka!!! Of course my dear Watson, that is the answer…George Harrison had it right over 40 years ago, and the US will soon be at the marginal rate that George experienced in Britain at the time he penned “Taxman.” Here’s one for you Chris, and nineteen for me baby!!

  2. Old School Grump

    For many (all?) state legislatures, it is structurally far easier to pass a retail sales tax increase or expansion than to pass any other kind of tax, because we consumer schnooks have no organized clout. In my state, sales tax increases are the only kind that can be passed on a majority vote; any other kind of tax imposition requires a 70% win, which (surprise, surprise) is pretty hard to arrange.

    Some legislators will claim to support such a tax increase ONLY IF there is a compensating decline in other taxes … and then act shocked, truly shocked, when only the increase side of the deal gets passed.