Oops! NeverMind!

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UN admits that cattle story a complete crock. Now that a scientist has exposed the fraud, the UN explains it thus:

Pierre Gerber, livestock officer at the FAO and one of the 2006 report’s authors, admits that the comparison was flawed. “It’s a weakness that we were aware of the issue when we used it,” he says. “But it’s not the point of the report. We included the comparison only because we wanted to give the reader a frame of reference.”

Quite the frame of reference. This crock of manure has been out there since 2006, and the media has eaten every juicy morsel. Now, four years later, when their fraud is exposed, the warmists say that “of course it was false – you didn’t know that?”

2006: UN: Cattle farming worse than car driving

Livestock threatens world environment

(One day ago) Toronto Star: How food contributes to global warming.

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  1. Right Wing Veggie

    OK. You’re right, I’m wrong. I’m still keeping my gas guzzler!
    Let’s try another tack…How’s the old cholesterol level these days Babe?