15 Dorchester Lane, Riverside

(Original) ask $1.295 million. Sold: $975,000. Assessment. $860,000. Almost everything that’s selling these days is in the $1.5 million range and below.


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2 responses to “15 Dorchester Lane, Riverside

  1. Cos Cobber

    Seems like a good buy. Great location for the money. Looking at the birds eye pictures from bing, it seems like the placement of the house does not allow for the best utilization of a .29 acre lot. The back yard is rather small given the lot size.

    CF, do you at all get the impression that people who have the financial capability to buy a $2M home are purposefully spending less, and same with every other bracket? It other words, are you witness any purchasing power restraint or are people still buying that max house their incomes support today?

  2. RR

    I live on the block and the two newer and neighboring homes sold in the $3mm range. In fact, the land alone on them was $1.35mm and $1 mm. Each property is .25 acre more or less. So in essence, the buyer of 15 Dorchester got a VERY respectable home for free.