A pessimistic view of the Chechnya mess

Putin has spent years brutally trying to suppress it, the Chechens respond in kind and on and on it goes. Not only does the author hold out little hope for a resolution, she points out that the 2014 Olympics are scheduled to be held right in the heart of the area. Those are probably games better watched from the comfort of your living room.


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5 responses to “A pessimistic view of the Chechnya mess

  1. Anonymous

    last i heard, the chechens were muslims. some problems too in kashmir, the philippines, nigeria, somalia, france, holland, palestine, western china, saudi arabia… and the list goes on. the common thread: muslims killing either non-muslims or other muslims.

  2. The Russians also have to build about 10,000 hotels rooms, new power plants, roads and telecom infrastructure in Sochi in the next 3.5 years. I’m sure everything will be ready in time and work perfectly.

  3. Anon100

    Speaking of Russia, Russia actually has some thoughts about the state of American Capitalism:


  4. That’s heartening. If Pravda thinks we’re going down the tubes we must be doing something right.