And speaking of Mitzvot

Last week’s storm redistributed creek neighbors’ belongings up and down the waterway. Someone (Andy Bein – you?) found and retrieved my kayak, and similarly, brother Gideon fished out this Adirondack chair and placed it on our seawall, for its owner to see it and claim it. No takers so far, but here’s its picture. If it’s yours, email me ( or call at 249 – 4394 and I’ll pop it in my trunk and bring it back to you.


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13 responses to “And speaking of Mitzvot

  1. Way Up Valley

    Just imagine if the government were in charge of the Wayward Waterfront Furniture Repatriation Program.

    You could apply to get your chair or kayak back, once you could certify it was yours, and after other neighbors had the opportunity to claim it was theirs; as well as a hearing on whether or not kayaks and chairs (seeing as they become weapons of mass destruction during force majeure events) were not in fact due to be outlawed on the Creek entirely.

    Plus, you know the PCBs in the plastic will need to be measured to ensure the snail darter won’t be harmed should the kayak be allowed in the water again.

    (Yes yes we know there hasn’t been a snail darter in Ole’s Creek since the Civil War but that is hardly the point).

  2. Island Surveyor

    Not to quibble over an act of kindness on your part, but if convenient, please retake the same picture at full moon high about 11:30 AM today.

    A high tide of 8.4 ft over mean low is predicted, and the current storm surge is approaching two feet on top of that, and will rise. Tomorrow’s another day.

    While you were away, the storm surge reached about 4.5 ft, so it will be an interesting point of comparison to the conditions you missed two weeks ago.

  3. Stanwich

    I don’t get it, do you and Gid live together (like a middle-aged male version of golden girls)?

    • No no – Gideon lives on Patterson whike i live with Mother and Pal nancy lives two doors up. It’s an odd situtation, no doubt, but everyone takes care of each other and what the heck – what more do you want from a family?

  4. whatever

    is that right?

  5. whatever

    are you going to fix your email address?

  6. Bob

    I could use that chair on my patio here in Boca Raton. Send it down.

  7. wbein

    The kayak was actually washed up onto the dock when I found it.
    I then used the kayak to rescue the canoe and the
    Groen’s kayak which had been washed across the creek.

  8. Sarah

    Haha “Pal Nancy is two doors up,” I love our family.

  9. My family is worse

    At least your parents can bear to exist within 500 miles of each other. Did you ever see War of the Roses? I lived it when I was three, and my parents are no different now, a few years later. I love your family. At least he calls her his Pal!