Easter cooking

I’m going with a butterflied leg of lamb, barbecued, but for the lamb haters in the extended family, I’ll also cook a ham. Cook’s Illustrated gives top rating to Cook’s Spiral Hams – specifically, the bone – in “Honey Ham”  ( no corporate relationship – name coincidence) , and I agree. Nice meat (toss out the freaking glaze package though – I’ll give you a superior recipe later this week) already cooked, so just warm and serve, Delicious and usually sold at bargain rates this time of year. Official retail is around $3.50 a lb., but look for sales at Food Mart or Shop Rite and I bet you can do better.

Product Name

Cook’s Spiral Sliced Hickory Smoked Bone-In Honey Ham




$3.29 per pound


Testers’ Comments

Nearly every taster praised the “nice balance of smoke and salt” and “genuine ham flavor.”


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6 responses to “Easter cooking

  1. A recipe.......

    I am famous far and wide for my butterflied leg of lamb, marinating it for three days with the following recipe, then I throw it on the BBQ. OMG, melt in your mouth delish.

    1/2 cup dijon-style mustard
    1/3 cup soy sauce
    1/3 cup vegetable oil
    1 teaspoon dried thyme
    1 teaspoon dried rosemary
    1 garlic clove, minced

    Blend ingredients until well combined. Pour over both sides of lamb. Let marinate, covered and refrigerated for at least two days. When ready to cook, remove lamb from marinade and toss on BBQ. NB: I usually start the BBQ on high to sear, then turn it down so meat does not turn to ash.

    I serve it with an orzo, spinach and feta dish that is equally wonderful.

  2. Anon E. Moose

    I also do the lamb/ham combination for Easter (my holiday for the past 9 years). I’ve cooked a leg of lamb on Easter all but one year, out of sense of tradition. My family has voted with their forks, leaving me with copious leftovers, while jostling for care packages of what little remained of other favorites. The one year the lamb when was when I did it as a rack – so this year will be a crown roast.

    My suggestion as a side – a barley pilaf flavored with mint. Also popular, even among those who pass on the lamb.

  3. Walt

    Dude Man –
    “A recipe….. ” is Hiram. I can spot his drivel a mile away.
    I have some questions, Jeremiah Johnson. What do they do with the rest of the lamb? I have had lambs leg, but that is it. Where does the rest of it go?
    And if you slaughter your own Bambi, why not snuff a few lambs as well? What do they hunt them with? I think you should dress up as a Ninja and slit their throats. Tape it and show it to the folks just before they eat. They will love it!! It will get the conversation started.
    And how did egg hunts get started? Who hunts an egg, for Pete’s Sake? They don’t even move. And when you blast them with the shotgun, nothing is even left. Except a mess.
    So what time are we eating? You want me to bring some sashimi? Or should I do dessert? You inviting Teri McBeal? Can I bring Steph?
    Your Pal,

  4. Martha

    I’ve ordered a butterflied leg as well. But I can’t for the life of me figure out what to serve with it. It must be late pregnancy brain…or something.

    BTW, did you get my email about our impending move over?

    • peel medium potatoes, coat lightly with oil, s&P, bake on rimmed (so oil doesn’t run off and burn) bake at 400 till done. Mint jelly. of course (if that”s available in Sweden), salad, crusty bread, all done.
      Did get your email and a reply should be forthcoming today.

  5. Sarah

    MAN I wish I was coming home for Easter, or “Ester,” as I would call at a young age