Mel Gibson’s place under contract

Last asking price was $29 million, so presumably it’s selling for less than that. 74 acres, great old house, I loved this place. But hardly surprising it took a couple of years to sell – even in Greenwich, that’s a lot of money, and the house was unusual enough to require an out-of-the-ordinary buyer. Guess one showed up.


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17 responses to “Mel Gibson’s place under contract

  1. FlyAngler

    Out of town/country buyer?

  2. MTA

    That limestone garden folly sure is nice. Wonder who the architect was?

  3. Dan

    That’s also a high price for land that backs up right to Merritt. How much of that 74 acres is loud enough that you don’t want to be near it??

  4. Leona

    Trouble bought it!

    Anyone got a problem with that?

  5. Island Surveyor

    IS himself is the subdividing surveyor of record, and before that, consulting forester, for the four approved lots comprising these 74 acres.

    The Professor of Highway Noise and Sound Barrier Design, whose work you can enjoy, or not, at the weigh station at Belle Haven, was brought in as a traffic noise consultant by Herbert Mayer’s son, the prior seller.

    Let me assure you, CF, when the clouds are right, the tire noise from the long Merritt curve at Round Hill rolls over the wetlands and up the slope and rattles the windows of the house.

  6. Stanwich

    CF, you have to give us the sale history on this place. When did Mel buy it, from whom and at what price? Give us a bit more please.

    • I’m pretty sure (Chief Sachem can correct me on this) that he bought it in 1644 from Chief Mayanos himself, for three bottles of the best rum and the loan of Mel’s Brave Heart claymore for a few weeks.
      Well that may not be accurate, come to think of it – I’ll pull the property’s history either after open house tour, if there there is one in this rain, or before noon. Check back.
      Maybe $10 million ish in 1994?

  7. foobar

    more like 7.5MM in 1994

    • $9.4 is the number I’ve heard, but whatever – I think he put a lot of money into the place. More interesting, perhaps, is what it’s selling for. I’m guessing $19-$22 million, but that’s just a wild guess.

  8. Anonymous

    Reported as pending- do you know something we don’t?

  9. Didn’t Mel buy the spread in the mid ’90’s for about $9.4 million?

  10. Speaking from experience...

    It’s better to be the first born, the second wife and the third Realtor.

  11. Short comment

    its 124 old mill rd

  12. To Mr. Chris Fountain,

    This house is under contract to IBM pending my acceptance of an executive position.

    High regards,
    William T. Voris
    IBM acting CEO