One pending sale and a bunch of new listings going nowhere

55 Edgewater


Assessment: $785,000. Final asking price: $775,000. result: contract. 

On the other hand, there are lots of new listings today, including one that is asking $1 million more than was paid for it in 2004 because – well just because, damn it! And one in Riverside asking almost 3X its assessed value for the same reason. I don’t expect I’ll have to rush to see these.


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4 responses to “One pending sale and a bunch of new listings going nowhere

  1. xyzzy

    you never did say what house you liked in Old Greenwich that had the big price cut….

    • It was 10 West End Avenue. It’s an odd duck – the owners grafted a new addition onto an old farm house, with no integration between the two, and it overlooks the CVS parking lot, but it has a 1/2 acre yard (big for OG) and the house could easily be pulled together by a competent architecht. It’s been marked down from$2.3 (wrong price, obviously), to $1.350, assessment is $1.7, and I suspect there’s still some negotiating room in the new price. I liked it, my clients couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it, so passed. I think it it’s a great deal.

  2. out looking in

    come on Chris…don’t you know high end home prices are in a bull market? just because….

  3. BB

    Hey CF – do you have thoughts on 30 lockwood dr?