Poor bastards

So Australia’s mining giant, Rio-Tinto, refuses to do a deal with China last summer. China responds by jailing four Chinese Rio-Tinto employees and last week, after nine months in the cozy, comfortable confines of a Chinese prison, they all plead guilty. Today they’ve been sentenced to seven to fourteen years in jail and the Aussies and Chinese are cooing soft noises about doing that deal after all. Too bad for the four employees – Rio Tinto has fired them because they were shocked, shocked! – to discover gambling going on – but business is business, eh?


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2 responses to “Poor bastards

  1. Anonymous

    Currently on the bulletin board at the Presbyterian Church of Old Greenwich, is a notice of an available rental in Stamford, offered by a nice man who is a member of the church.

    Riverside crossing guards rule!

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone doing business in high-risk 3rdWorld zones like China, Mideast, Russia, India, etc should properly price inevitable health/safety/freedom risks before choosing such careers or businesses: personal responsibility, common sense and all that

    Many higher-paid morons at Lehman or Bear also similarly failed to properly price own career risks