Riverside’s Tim Armstrong and his difficulties reshaping AOL

Neighbor/friend/internet guru Andrew Bein sends along this interesting article (and it was his son Warren Bein who rescued my kayak – thank you, Warren!)


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4 responses to “Riverside’s Tim Armstrong and his difficulties reshaping AOL

  1. Anonymous

    Fundamental schism of OldMedia, based in Luddite towns like Manhattan and LA vs tech kings of SiliconValley like Apple, Google, etc who are generally far wealthier, smarter and younger

  2. Kidding Really??

    Tim’s doing fine at AOL. There are huge hurdles which EVERYONE knows but he’s the only AOL leader that has the guts to have a strategy. Rolling up content is the right way to go. He also gave back his bonus for 2009 since AOL is downsizing workforce. Class act. He’ll do great just like he did at Google.

  3. Priapus

    Wall Street has a blind spot valuing declining revenue businesses. This is no exception. When “the coast is clear” and AOL is on the cover of some biz rag as “they’re baaaaack”, and the stock has doubled, all the morons will be quiet. At least we know what the bandwagoneers will be riding some day. That’s why it’s called “risk/reward”. If it was easy and obvious , it would be, well, it would be AAPL, yes? How many people bought AAPL at cash about 57 splits ago? I’m pretty sure these same folks were yipping about how Jobs was old skool too. Make sure you get up when the alarm goes off for work tomorrow, investors that know it all.