Is Jimbo Himes a moron or a liar?

Liar, liar, pants on fire!


Both. He’s the Doublemint kid – two in one! He lies to his constituents and is dumb enough to think we’ll believe him. Here’s his latest missive:  

Dear Friends, 

Last week, The House of Representatives passed the most sweeping health care reform in a generation. This reform will improve access to quality, affordable health care for citizens of all ages. It also ensures seniors keep the benefits they currently receive, while strengthening Medicare in the short and long term. 

Much confusion has been reported over cuts to Medicare. Let me be clear: reports that this plan cuts Medicare are false. This legislation fully protects Medicare benefits and extends the solvency of the program for almost a decade by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse but never benefits. It does this by targeting subsidies to private insurance companies that are robbing the system to pad their bottom lines instead of improving benefits. 

Immediately, the plan begins closing the “donut hole” to lower seniors’ prescription drug costs. Medicare beneficiaries who hit the “donut hole” will receive a $250 rebate right away to make life-saving drugs more affordable. People inside the donut hole will also have an immediate 50% discount on brand-name drugs. The plan also requires Medicare and insurance companies to provide important preventive services like immunizations and screenings for diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis free of charge. 

The new reform law improves the quality and coordination of care for seniors so individuals don’t undergo unnecessary procedures because of poor medical records or a lack of coordination among caregivers. This reform also expands home and community-based services to keep people in their homes instead of nursing homes.

Damn generous of the sorry son of a bitch to send my kids’ money to their grandmother, but our local former Goldman Sachs associate neglects to point out that his largess is either going to be paid for by slashing Medicare payments to doctors 20% come September, or not making that cut and tacking the bill onto our deficit. If he cuts the doctors’ fees he’ll leave almost no physician left standing to tend to the old, so let’s assume he and his fellow fraudsters will be going the deficit route. 

The “budget cut” is, therefore, illusory, the burden is added onto my children, and just to rub salt in the wound, Jimbo’s tossing in a $250 bonus to pay for a Foxwoods’ slot adventure for his elderly voters. Throw these people out!


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20 responses to “Is Jimbo Himes a moron or a liar?

  1. xyzzy

    The link is to google mail.. Unless you are nice enough to give us your password its not much good🙂

  2. jcb

    Just saw this. And – had previously contacted his office with much the same sentiment. If this is the rep elected in fairfield county where we have a relatively well informed electorate we are truly screwed.

  3. Anonymous

    Himes is a liar, and he is arrogant and stupid enough to think that we the taxpaying voters can’t tell.

    November, time to vote this little Pelosi/SEIU bitch out of office.

  4. ML

    I get that phony email as well. Useless representatives!

  5. Pete

    “This legislation fully protects Medicare benefits and extends the solvency of the program for almost a decade by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse but never benefits. ”
    The same saved money is also being used to finance the extended health care to the uninsured. Its like I pay my mortgage and then take the same money and make some car payments, pay down my credit cards and save for retirement.

  6. J

    Who is running against him? When can we start supporting his opponent?

  7. Why not?

    Christopher Fountain for 4th Congressional District of Connecticut

  8. Why not?

    Actually, honestly, I think you’d be a great candidate. You are outrageously well-informed, not afraid to speak the truth, already have a public persona and thereby built-in haters not needing to start from scratch to acquire them, you have many supporters, you have a law degree…..
    Would running for office ever be anything you’d seriously consider? I have some Namibian currency I can send to seed your campaign fund.

  9. Why not?

    Heck with Pelosi’s plane, Anonymous can set you up with the G5 and Mercedes 550 he’s always talking about. What’s the “but….” in that?

  10. Cos Cobber

    Do it CF. You’d be a great candidate.

  11. Anonymous

    CF for Congress!
    Where do we send the campaign contributions?

  12. happy in riverside

    J – Here’s who we can vote for: Dan Debicella, state senator from Shelton. Great guy, fiscal conservative and has been endorsed by plenty of solid folks. He is the likely frontrunner in a multi-horse race this May (Republican primary). The tea party also has a few candidates they are running – one of them, a Republican from Westport is called Rob Merkle. I heard him speak recently and thought he has a real future.
    No offense to CF.

  13. whatever


    i believe bridgeport is responsible for his win

  14. Reader

    Tom Herrmann, First Selectman of Easton and a successful entrepreneur, joined the race against Himes 3 weeks ago. He is terrific. He has held the line against taxing and spending in his town and was just reelected with >70% of the vote. Fiscal conservative and social moderate.

  15. Enough

    Aparently if a constituent chooses to voice an Opinion to our senator himes here in CT, we are accused of making threats! This SOB needs to be reminded WHO he works for! I hope he’s got a couple of empty cardboard boxes handy……..he’s gonna need em’ to pack his stuff when WE FIRE HIM!!!!! He can join that lying scum dodd.
    The arogance of this a**hole only reinforces the true nature of his agenda. We need to take back control of OUR country from these Socialist bastards.