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I just heard from a friend of mine, Robin Horton, who (a) thanked me for recommending builder Ferdinand Steyer and (b) is hosting a blogging workshop. I think a good blog is essential for business these days – had blogging been available fifteen years ago, I could have established a nation-wide clientele for my securities law practice. Too late for that now, but here’s the info on Robin’s class; she’s a very sharp lady and I have no doubt you – even realtors! – could learn a lot here.

Discover the full power of your unique creative voice:
Learn to generate hot ideas and killer content so people will read your blog.

Join the experienced duo of Robin Horton (marketing communications consultant, art director, creator of and blogger at award-winning blog Urban Gardens) and James Navé (writing teacher, creativity consultant, poet, storyteller, performer, director of The Imaginative Storm Creativity Workshops, and former co-director with Julia Cameron of the famous Artist’s Way workshops) where we will:

• use writing prompts and exercises to stimulate your imagination & get ideas
• tap into concrete specifics and turn them into compelling blog posts
• practice, probe, and share ways to make your writing sizzle
• learn to promote your blog, make it “searchable” and generate buzz
• spark off with other bloggers, get feedback
• learn tactics & tech tips, learn about “pingbacks” and “link juice”
• experiment with form, harness the energy of words, electrify your writing
• launch your blog posts into the blogosphere!

Saturday, April 24

Riverside Yacht Club
Riverside, CT

$225 including lunch
and blogging tool-kit
Early-bird discount:
$200 register by April 5

My own (free) advice: if writing doesn’t come easily, either don’t bother, or go to this workshop and learn how to do it. Blogs only work well when they’re updated constantly. Second: if it’s not fun, don’t do it. Payback is so slow (I get clients who only come on board after years of reading) that if you don’t enjoy it, it’ll be just another chore in your day. Which is why I post so many non-real estate-related things here. I get bored easily, and if I couldn’t post items that strike me as funny or appeal to my nutso-Libertarian streak, I couldn’t stand it. As it is, I really love doing this blog. But keep it fun – if you aren’t being entertained, it’s most likely that your readers aren’t either, and they’ll go elsewhere.

UPDATE: another thought – allow comments, but moderate them. An incredible community of intelligent readers has come on to this blog, and I rarely edit them. But unmoderated blog comments invariably degenerate into just horrible dreck. Knowing there’s a moderator seems to keep the awful Internet trolls away and thereby allows the formation of a community of real readers, some of whom have become my friends (not you, Walt) and all of whom I treasure (see previous parenthetical, Walt).


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14 responses to “Blogger workshop

  1. Tried and failed

    I thought I was a perfect person to host a blog – I write easily and naturally. I thought I had a great topic, had one up for about two weeks then found I had nothing more to say, so I took it down. I think more than being able to write is having a topic that is part of your life. That’s no easy trick, and no offense to the person hosting the class, not teachable. Also, for the two weeks I did post (and got like five comments, four from people I begged to write so I wouldn’t look like a TOTAL loser), I realized it’s a full-time job to write a GOOD blog. All the more appreciation I have for FWIW. Kudos.

    • Well, I think you need some patience. I was fortunate enough to have established pen-pal relationships with some early bloggers (Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit, for instance, back in 2002), a couple of years before I started my own, but as I went along, I found that one link led to another, so that I now get links from, say, the Wall Street Journal. the NYTimes, Bloomberg, etc. And if I weren’t too lazy to return calls and emails, I’d have a bunch more (but not the Greenwich Time – not a single reporter has ever called me for comment – editorial censorship? Local jealousy? Who the F cares? Losers). But it takes time. So again, if it’s not fun, why bother. If it is, then do what you enjoy and, eventually, a readership will grow. I do think that Robin’s workshop will help you accelerate that process -mine took years as I, and the Blogosphere, developed. Nothing wrong with taking a short cut.

  2. Tried and failed

    Yes, BUT you had a logical topic for your blog. That’s the entire gotcha, I think. I read alot of blogs, very few bring me back every day and fewer bring me to comment. It’s a rare combination you have and you should stand and take a bow. I disagree that a workshop will help you find the combination that you seem to do so effortlessly when we know how much time and effort it really takes. Being funny is the hardest and I thought I was naturally funny. Turns out my blog readers didn’t think so, even the four I forced to read and comment. How bad is that??? I’ll stick to reading blogs. Yours specifically.
    PS: Do I win something now that I’ve said what you told me to?

  3. Tried and failed

    Mine has evaporated into the Land of Horribly Stupid Blogs, even to the point that the webhost asked “are you sure you want to remove this blog; you will not be able to get it back”. I clicked yes.

  4. Retired IB'er

    I think it greatly helps to have a “hot” topic and a unique view on that topic if you want to have a successful blog. I think this is at the core of FWIW success.

    Real estate is on everyone’s mind currently AND Chris has provided an honest, candid, view from the trenches (perhaps with a little help from his readers). That honest view has been/ is still sorely lacking in most public discussions by realtors of the real estate market. That is what makes FWIW unique; and what got me to read, and still, read the blog. (Sorry, Chris, it isn’t your rants on politics, though your ability to find and apply pictures to your posts is world-class.)

    I suspect the readership to FWIW would be significantly less today if it weren’t for the current state of the real estate market; and, I would imagine when the real estate market finally (someday in the distance future) returns to a level of normalcy readership of FWIW will drop off dramatically (no offense intended, Chris).

    Still, there will always be local interest in FWIW; and, I suspect a broader audience fueled by the “rich and famous” aspect of Greenwich real estate (think posts of Mel Gibson’s property).

  5. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    Make sure you attend this workshop. It’s about time you learned to write.
    And take your own advice. Funny is good. I am waiting for you to start. Call Andres – he has some killer new Pope jokes with what is going on in the the Church right now.
    And how is writing about selling dirt interesting? I just come here to be amazed by what tosses you into a hissy fit!
    Your Pal,

  6. Tried and failed

    I read all sorts of blogs – politics, real estate, home improvement, cooking, lobotomy how-to. I am singularly drawn to a blog by HOW the author writes, not the hot topic. You can have the hottest most timely topic and have a stinko writer behind the wheel and yawn!

  7. Retired IB'er

    A blog can have wonderful prose, but if the topic is the mating rituals of worms in Antartica in Spring, you will still have a very limited audience.

    That having been said, clearly good writing is necessary for a successful blog, but it is not sufficient.

  8. tagpeddler

    i love this blog but never enough info on walt. surely the cases will have to come to court evenually.

  9. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I am as smooth as ice, and as cool as a cucumber. Why is a cucumber cool? I could speculate, but I won’t. This is a family site.
    Anyway, their isn’t going to be a civil trial. Nada. Nothing. Zipparino. I keep telling you that, but you just won’t listen.
    Monica? I wouldn’t hurt a hair on her mane. Everyone who knows me knows that. The Round Hill caddys have nothing to fear. Except for me stiffing them on the tip. Cabana boy? That is another story. That illegal little alien better step it up.
    Your Pal,

  10. Retired IB'er


    Apparently there are, indeed, other like minded Real Estate brokers out there. Here is a post of one in CA that makes some excellent points on where the market may end up…

  11. Meant to ask...

    Are you happy with WordPress as your host? It’s that or Google’s e-blog, right?