Catching up on email

I’ve been sort of swamped lately and if I haven’t responded to your message, please try me again. In the meantime, here’s an interesting missive from someone who wasn’t impressed by Helen Davis Chaitman a self-proclaimed Madoff victim:

Saw your article about Helen you were so right I hired Helen in 1998 she took $100,000 from me just to review my case then filed numerous litigation against Chase Manhattan Bank and a bankruptcy trustee and then in 2002 abandon me (when my money ran out) to be put into a collusive fraudulent involuntary bankruptcy by a law firm she was supposed to be suing. She left me and my 3 children homeless and destitute. She is definitely NOT A VICTIM and absolutely knew what she was doing when she invested with Madoff. Donna Sturman
Links to various law suits attached. Contact me if you need them.

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