Here’s a sad listing

One Finney Knoll

The house of Edd Hendee, that exceptional young man killed in a skiing accident this winter, is up for sale today, listed at $1.995 million (they paid just over $2 for it in 2006). That was an accident that made every parent so sad – young children widow, and by all accounts, a wonderful person. I believe the family has returned to Texas.

I remember this as an extraordinary house – the builder, seeking to overcome its location next door to HayDay (now Balducci’s), built a $3 million house and priced it for a million less. The market is not what it was then, of course, but the finishes and quality of this house are surely unchanged.

(Assessment is just $1 million, which shows why you can’t always use those things – this house is many things, but definitely not a million dollar house).

UPDATE: Greenwich Time article on Mr. Hendee here.


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5 responses to “Here’s a sad listing

  1. Cos Cobber

    Tragic story for the Hendees. I really feel for them.

    Did Stazza manage to sell all of these homes or did he have to rent the last couple?

    They are beautiful little boutique homes. Great details.

    • I think, CC, he sold them all, or perhaps rented the very last one. I’ll check when I get back in the office. But I agree: beautiful craftsmanship and far above other homes selling in that price range four years ago.

  2. IMO

    Yes, very finely crafted homes but IMO too many on the cul-de-sac that is Finney Knoll. No place to turn around; no room for delivery trucks or workmen. Houses have short, almost no driveway. I found myself having to use someone else’s driveway to get out when the party I went to at another’s had taken up 9/10th of the circle. I didn’t mind the location behind Balducci’s, although I was there at night and could not calculate what impact delivery trucks at the back of the store would have on those houses on that side of the Knoll. House I went to was gorgeous, inside and out.

    • IMO, I too thought how nice the place could have been with just three, perhaps even four houses. But it is a sort-of instant neighborhood with playmates for the kids next door, so not all bad.

  3. IMO

    We visited a couple without kids. I didn’t ask how many of their neighbors had children versus those not. I would think more not, but I don’t know. There’s little to no yard if you want playhouses or swing sets. I find these lovely homes more conducive to the empty nester or no children crowd, more the former – walk to everything, little to no maintenance.