My argument exactly

Father of Global Warming Scam says “it’s too late to save the planet – enjoy life while you can”. And the old coot is right. NASA’s own nutcake, Jim Hansen gave us 18 months to do something about his pet scare before we passed beyond the pale, and we didn’t do it! Bonny Prince Charley, the load, gave us two years and we flunked that test too.

So we’re all doomed – fine. I happen to think the planet is not going to die, but if all these experts say it’s useless to try to save it, can we at least save the trillions of dollars our politicians are demanding for regulating the climate? Hardly likely, but let’s give it a try.


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3 responses to “My argument exactly

  1. Island Surveyor

    In other words,

    “let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

    Or drown.

    Or burn up.

  2. shoeless

    Drill, baby, drill!!