Since my son reads this blog, occasionally, I thought I’d post this here

From an InstaPundit reader in Utah:

Last night an reporter from CNN travelling with the Tea Party Express showed up at our shop to talk about the Tea Party Express that was coming through Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah today. (I was the local organizer for the Provo event). I gave him a tour through our shop and then took him for a drive up the canyon in one of our cars. We talked the entire time. We ended up speaking for about 4 hours. At the end of our conversation, he dropped a bomb, “You know, I decided to come and find the facts about you guys for myself. The facts are the facts. Keith Olberman is way out in left, crazy field! You guys aren’t anything like the media has portrayed you.” I replied, “I know.” He told me he was then going to write a story on the “real” Tea Party people he met on his travels through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

That’s probably an article that will never see publishing daylight, but I admire the young reporter’s initiative.


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4 responses to “Since my son reads this blog, occasionally, I thought I’d post this here

  1. Anonymous

    that article won’t see the light of day because it does not fit the current MSM protrayal of the Tea Party

  2. Fedup

    Discussion of just this on NPR today. One of the guests (author of “Wingnuts,” John Avelon) spoke of how the vast majority of “Tea Party” advocates are fiscal conservatives — just decent people voicing their discontent. But a small minority of these folks are simply crazy, and yes, they get a lot of media attention.

    If both parties would simply disavow their lunatic fringes, maybe we could get somewhere.